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Officials are trying to reassure skeptical Trump voters that rumors of widespread election fraud are untrue. And no reason to skip voting in today's Senate runoff, Fox's Jonathan Serrie in Atlanta, both sides focusing on getting voters to turn out. Democrats are trying to make the case that Republican challenges to Georgia's elections are all the more reason for their base to go out and vote. President elect Biden, campaigning in Atlanta yesterday for Democrats Channel soften Raphael Warnock, the nation's capital. Bracing for dueling protests as Congress prepares to count the electoral College votes. One Republican lawmaker planning to challenge that says his family's been threatened while he was back home in Missouri, Josh Holly, the first Republican senator to announce he would raise an objection to the certification of President elect Joe Biden's win. It's announcing what he describes is antifa thugs who demonstrated outside his Washington area home. Holy tweeted. The protestors screamed, threats vandalized and tried to pound Open this door. The group shut down D C claims that states a candlelight vigil and tried to deliver a copy of the U. S Constitution to the home. Calling the senator a snowflake on Twitter. Fox is Rachel Sutherland. America is listening to Fox News. News Radio K L. B. J ON PATRICK Osborne. This news brought to you by Apple easing as the Austin Police Department deals with dozens of vacant positions and a growing number of resignations or cops have been placed on administrative leave this week. She Brian Manley says two were put on leave today following an early morning shooting in Southeast Austin is our officer turned on the Wicker Shan, he said. This car cut around him pulled up alongside him and again pointing a firearm at him. And that officer was off duty. But he did fire weapon and an on duty officer ultimately fired. Fail shot of that driver and just 24 hours earlier to other cops were placed on leave following a shooting at a motel in North Austin, where one man was struck in the leg by gunfire. There's been a lot of focus recently on dwindling space and localizing use, and the expectation has been there's enough staff in the area to cover about 200 ICU beds. Austin Mayor Steve Adler says the latest UT model isn't providing many glimmers of hope model right now has us passing 200 just to the end of the second week, beginning of the third week in January. However, he says, it's possible to stay Could be sitting in some healthcare reinforcements, which would pad the area's ability to handle an increase in ICU patients. Most extracurricular activities are still canceled on the Austin school district, but that's not the case in round rock superintendent Dr Daniel President says strict safety measures will remain in place. And at this point there's been no discussion about having students tested for covert before each event really haven't started exploring. Testing students present. It gets into.

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