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I may be assumption before the show started that the best story of the night was going to be the assault by Guana. But I'll be honest with you. I don't know about that. Now helen. I don't know that I understood all of it. the break and ready prepared statement. Complete with words, not ads. Good and don't well. Helen's got the right to free speech. No. No. No. No. No, no. This has not no. If Helen said what Helen said, and we sent the Pulitzer by to go get her then as it's currently written, the free speech situation would would come into play. Do you think I can sit here and and spew out a barrage of expletives because free speech? Not that. I couldn't do it. Sean Toronto keep a clean, Mr.. Hey, man, happy. Happy happy. Listen, listen happy birthday to anyway. Hey, thank you that. Yeah. That was a milestone in my book, everyone is how how old sixty sixty. Yep. Yep. So when he's gonna do something with your life, lo-, Mr.. Come up with that idea. Touch base with you doing something with your life? Yeah. Okay. Okay. Well, welcome to career consulting corner. Hey, have you not heard this show wind? God's name. Would you? Listen to advice that I would have for anyone's profession what I wanna do. It doesn't have to actually be published through a publisher. People were telling me that I could do it with self was on. Mm print to need basis. Yeah. You're talking about publishing your own books. Yeah. Yeah. A year the old term used to be on that. And now you can. Point me in a direction, Eric has find somebody that would help I can get a hold of me and social media don't send you the information. It's on the internet. And here's these super simplified version of it. If you want to write a book, and you want to have it published their people that will publish it as you need copies the old days where now in the old days. It was something called a vanity press. You would go to them and say, I wrote this book, and they'd say give us X amount of money, and we'll print you five boxes, whatever you would decide on number of copies. That's not the case anymore. They can you can write a book real good friend of mine. Just started his fourth book and first three of them. He did that each and every time order ten bucks a year order five books, and they would Bill you as they printed the books for you. Yeah. What you're going to be about though. Let's put it this way. People. This book will help people. I can almost talk. Sometimes tell the difference between religion and a relationship. And it will go away. It's going to tell the difference between organized religion at a personal relationship with their deity. Right. Correct. Religion is made. In our age in a relationship is when we accept the love that he has for us on his terms. So a theological self-help book, but not quite a full if he'd be like a devotional. Good call every day. It'll just be like a different word a different meaning of the word in where it's used open up. A lot of is to was really being said instead of what they're being taught being said. So it'll. Go for it. For some reason, my materialistic marketing brain instantly, went to a scripture of the day calendar. Oh, maybe it's it's all I kind of in the works in my head right now. Well, the technology that's available as far as being creative and getting it out there. It's never existed more so than it exists right now. And if you're talking about providing them allowed to do it, I wouldn't be allowed to do it. Yeah. So actually why I called was I have been noticed the progression of this whole thing. This is one of my pet peeves forever. They stopped teaching the cost of tuition in school. So nobody knows the rights anymore. You talking about government the the government class and the civics class. Right. Yeah. Whatever anybody says, that's the law. It's not the people don't know that anymore, and then it moves into politically, correct speak. Yeah. You use these words. Those words words, you're a bad human being. I'm sorry. You have the right to speak the way God made you stink. Now, if it's if it's yeah. If it's ignorant and low brow and ski than ignorant and low Brown ski, right? They nobody has the right to censor. What you say? Unless like you were just saying on the radio there, and if the movie theater screaming fire, there's certain times, you have to have some old style other than that, let the human being be the human thing if it's going to be the internet for everybody. Yeah. That that's an all encompassing word and most people don't think about the true definition of it. If if it's for everybody that includes the creepy guy at the end of the block with the lights off in the middle of the night, you hear band saws. That includes I instantly flashed to what's he building in there by Tom waits. You know? He says he's from Illinois, but he has Florida plates betting. It keeps getting worse all the time. Now, Disney is actually censoring art. I know I talked about that last week on their streaming platform. That's coming out the movie song of the south is not going to be available at all. And then they took was it Dumbo. They cut a scene out of Dumbo. Oh, a, you know at the scene out of Dumbo was here's why I remember the scene that the streaming version of Dumbo had come out of it was a scene with a crow, and I guess the line was some reference to the Jim crow laws. Okay. Song of the south is the Disney movie that gave us zippy Duda. The character uncle Remus. It came out like the forties. I know I know the final straw is. The continuous push on the news and everything else about racism, and I've always said racism has nothing to do with the person's color. God created every one of us. We're all related. I mean, would you hate your brother because he had a deformity? Why would you hate your brother because they're color skins different? You see this is stuff for your book? Man. Exactly. Okay. We'll write the book and I'll get the information. Send it don't. Let me forget. Get a hold of me on Facebook on Facebook messenger. Because I've got a couple of different friends that have written books, and this has been the process, you write the book, you get your main scripting, you basically turn it in and they will print you copies as needed, and it's a lot cheaper than the old vanity press days where you had to give them a big check, and they'd print you a bunch of boxes of books, and then you were sent off to do with it. Whatever you could do with it. Cool. All right. I should write a book. What should I write a book about? Because I think it's clear, I'm an expert. I'm an expert at absolutely nothing. Oh, you love guitars. And you're very knowledgeable about them. I know just a about guitars to get myself electrocuted. Sean, I know just enough about guitars to have solder burns all my fingers. Eight six six three nine one ten twenty. Katie k radio dot com. That phone number is also the text number this text rage. Jerry has good point was the derby rigged who are the people that decide what interference is. The people that decide what interference is is the group of stewards. And I'm sure that list of the specific people that were the board. That's getting written down right now. The stewards are people in the end. It's just like Formula one has a Stewart somebody sits down, and when they the panel of judges, they sit and say did this happen. It was kind of curious because if you were listening to the Ray Hugh heard the race, and you heard maximum security is the winner. No official word yet. It turned into like a lesson. That's waiting for the turkeys to come. I don't see anything yet though. But they sit and they watch the video and the panel of stewards are racing people from all sides of it. Eight six six three nine one.

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