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The funeral services for officer dos will be friday at eleven a m at the greater grace temple in northwest detroit a number of democratic members of congress will use tonight state of the union to bring attention to the dreamers the illegal bordercrossers debbie dingell is among many members of the congress bringing a dreamer connected guest two tonight state of the union sin the garcia whose husband jorges was deported to mexico after living here for thirty years and she will accompany the congresswoman hero and for a long time thing is a us get it work radical six andrei an american citizen i know her to kids i've known her husband he's worked hard all of his life is brought to this country when he was ten years old he's tried to have come a citizen he's tried to do everything that can white house says that over the coming days president trump will meet with the national security team of his to discuss a classified memo that purportedly shows improper use of surveillance by the fbi and the justice department in the russia investigation here's reporter suzanne malbo resident has five days to make a decision whether or not he'll go forward with a recommendation by the house intelligence committee to make this memo public and go against the justice department it all indicate since our is that yes he will in fact do just that volkswagen has suspended its top lobbyist following revelations that had funded tests that exposed monkeys to diesel fumes wjr news time ten or three a court hearing is scheduled for today for the case of a brighton township boy convicted of sexually assaulting three teenaged girls the case was heard a juvenile court they 16yearold was sentenced to forty five days in the juvenile facility a monroe county he was released earlier this monty had been charged with twenty counts of firstdegree criminal sexual conduct the families of the girls outraged him they have sued well early tomorrow you may be able to get a glimpse at the rare celestial occurrence the socalled super blue blood moon it'll would provide a rare triple treat tomorrow the occurrence is a total lunar eclipse of blue moon and a.

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