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Don't settle for less than a Honda. And here is Christiane. All right, we have gone final and Indianapolis, The Washington Wizards, toe feet, the Indiana Pacers 1 33 to 1 32. And it was a night to remember for Russell Westbrook, who Ty Oscar Robertson's career triple doubles record, which has stood for 47. Years. Russ finishing with 33 points, 15 assists and 19 rebounds. He had the ball last with just seconds to play. He missed what would have been hit the game winning field goal but was found knocked down both free throws that gave the Wiz the wind. Now Bradley Beal was the leading scorer for Washington with 50 points. He left the game late in the fourth quarter did not return. The broadcast team was mentioning how they believe it is a Hip injury. Now Bill was looking like he was getting emotional on the sideline after he got hurt, so hopefully it's not anything too serious. It was the fifth career 50 Point game for Bill the most and Wizards franchise history. It's also over in D. C. It was the Washington Capitals with a 2 to 1 victory and over time over the Philadelphia Flyers, Connor Sheary scoring the game winner in overtime. 39 year old Craig Anderson. The winning goal tender was needed overtime caps needed overtime. The Nats needed 11 innings to decide a winner. But the like the unlike the caps in the was the Nats, unable to eat out a victory was the New York Yankees prevailing over the Nets in the Bronx. 4 to 3. No OT needed in Ohio. That's where D C United lost to Columbus, 3 to 1. I'm Christiane. W T o p Sports. Hey, it's Jack Taylor from traffic for Navy Federal Credit Union at Navy fed..

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