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Arranged a new raise. The among the people on to speak on on a bit about the homeys that got out was the things that we see on instagram. How these things transpire. Oh it's true but I want say by this on first of all. I WanNa talk about the homie Kato Kevin Harrison. Because this is above of years I can say I did about often. All through prisoners are five four or five years Kevin where we walk the same. Dr Or where he was in a dorm Donald. Donald Down the hall down the street from me Where we ate together read books. Not Saying we highlighted. His case went through his case together note and he. He kept him a rail. That was so positive on and he was focused on cracking. Kohl's and expose innocent man nominee and behind the scenes. I watched him expose that And Work hand-in-hand with the innocence project to crack these codes and it took a lot of sniffing faith for him G. Eighteen years for MS trials. The most Michigan Ever Michigan History is unbelievable and the thing of this house. I never knew that this is not magic though. Not saying this is someone who they was innocent and said know what I'm GonNa fight to in in the people don't find out about this and those that crucify him basically ripped off the streets unjustly as a college student on are going to have to hide a day and pay for not saying even the money that they often not enough for the time that he lost manager profit. Fill out the year man. I was looking at. They cut it used to be more than that but they cut it. Because they're not so that lets you know how many wrongful conviction casement coming back because it didn't use to have a cat but now they have a cap because a lot of guys been cracking. The code Face and one more thing. I'll say about Kevin Kato may eight. That's my guy man. He stayed the same hole tarheels to know join remember one conversation that we have and he was like he was how long you got now had told him. I got two years. How long have you been here on? This is my first date. First Day right. Yeah he likes and I'm like you've got a natural wise Mary Young. I'm coming home before you. I'm on the. I'm told Jim Bro. He kept US spirit. That's just the type of person he is. He like. I'm telling you you marriage. He had he knew he. There are certain what it takes in not giving us now. Give luck nursing. Love One Minute Joe. Life actually given up. All it is not giving up on your. You're not giving up a job given up some money. You're not giving up some food. You're not giving up a car. You're not gonNA love how you giving up. Your Life is easy to lose hope because that's his myrtle beach. You the puck down to the point where you're like. I'm never GONNA GET. Outta here for you was like man. I'm there he had learned normally. It's a real mental challenge in there for shells gotTA Sean the one thing I just want to add about Keto before we moved to the next thing is on two.

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