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Fiduciary dot com this is A. N. S. T. E. M. seven nine I art radio station doing over security I'm Jane Metzler fox news they are families of service members and independent contractors killed or wounded in Afghanistan stunned to learn who apparently was hired to protect them fox is Jerry helper and has the latest live from Washington no more than one hundred families of American military members and contractors killed in Afghanistan are suing American and international companies accusing them of hiring Taliban members for security with money that was later used to fund deadly attacks in a court filing those families accuse western companies with lucrative business interest of paying off the Taliban to prevent attacks instead of relying on American forces for protection the allegations are based on witnesses with direct and indirect knowledge an internal company documents the court filing says Jane thanks jerit another cause for concern joint military exercises involving Russia China and Iran this joint military exercises are kicking off me running port city of Chabahar located in the Gulf of Oman that's outside the Persian Gulf in the volatile straight inform moose boxes Lucas Tomlinson China Russia sending warships to Iran a tacit endorsement of runs provocative behavior against the west according to US officials Japan meantime sending warships to that region to protect western oil tankers at the close on Wall Street the Dow is up twenty four points and all three indices are reaching record highs for a second straight day a wintry mess headed to the Midwest it shut down interstate highways from California to Nevada is now on the move Phoenix already seeing some flight delays this hour America is listening to fox news in favor of the state health I'm going to K. and S. T. news former state representative don shooter had sued claiming that when he was expelled from the house last year amid sexual harassment allegations it amounted to wrongful termination but a judge found the because the lawmakers who ousted him were in his employers he could make that claim the judge also rejected shooters allegation that is privacy was violated a mother has a court date after her Christmas day arrest a mesa mother is facing child abuse charges after allegedly hitting her eight year old son and blaming his injuries on his three year old sister Nicole Smith was arrested after the boy's father came home to find you some of the bloody nose and contacted police the boy told investigators his hands were dirty so his mother started hitting him according to police Smith admitted she was drunk when police contacted her court paperwork also noted a history of domestic violence Greg Paul K. an S. T. news I'm Donny G. K. and S. T. A. M. seven ninety two sounds more stimulating talk this is a special alert to all Americans to own a vehicle with less than two hundred thousand miles with an auto warranty about to expire or.

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