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And cousin Eddie get ready to hit the road in an RV and get a lot of phone calls and a lot of enquiries as far as rentals Tom Gunther is the manager of Annapolis R. V. where a van based R. V. goes for about three hundred twenty five dollars a day he says they're now booked up for June customers tell him they're going to places like Texas Tennessee and Florida and they want to see family but don't want to fly J. no owner of spiders LLC in Clifton Virginia which rents out a pair of boss like RV's says he's basically booked up for June and July a lot of them aren't first time renters and so I'm having to show them you know how to work the you know operate they are B. and so forth John Aaron WTOP news have you met a true hero lately hi it's John king cotton with the good feet store and I've been thinking about heroes that I work with take Greece for example one of our store managers we served in Afghanistan and sustained significant injuries when his M. wrapped vehicle was disabled by an IED he was told he would never walk without a cane however after he was fitted with good feet arch supports he was able to walk without a limp hand without a cane this service as a manager is exemplary and we are proud to have reached on the good fifteen the story doesn't stop there though re spell in love and got married to a beautiful nurse named Erica and during this pandemic who was on the front lines taking care of covert nineteen patients you guessed it Erica heroes tend to stick together the good feet store says thank you to all of our heroes we especially say thank you to the heroes among us such as recent Erica for the many ways they have service all.

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