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Ballot through September. 30th us Only I'm Monica, Read Katie. Our news. 105 degrees is a high today under sunny skies Tonight. Clear 77 tomorrow, Sonny. Hi, 103. It's 95 degrees right now in Cave Creek. Whether is brought to you by Howard Air whether Replace or pear Cole Howard Air I'm Jeremy Foster on Arizona's new station News, Mike Room on our news, 92 3 FM and the news app. Thanks for being here It is like broom head show just a few moments at 11 20 we're going to do. Did you hear this? We do it every day at 11 20 on the show. It's all the headlines all the newsmakers. What you didn't hear while you were working. We will play for you on your way to lunch, So I stick around for that in a few moments. I I just thought this was such a compelling story because I think it's a generational difference for people. I have the ring doorbell at my house. I have security cameras in my house and outside of my house that I can access from a nap, and I check them all the time. They're triggered if somebody were to break in or when somebody walks up to my house. And I'm not concerned. About being watched, but I think I am Mohr of in my generation. I'm more of an exception than the rule with many people. So there is a report about these new drone security cameras inside your home. I want you to listen to this. Your home security system could be going airborne next year. Amazon Smart Home Security Division Ray unveiling Ah flying camera that launches if sensors detect a potential home break in and buy a.

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