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Food and shelter and that might explain why psychological or nor neuropsychological earlier neurophysiological early we get four times the pain when we lose a dollar four times the pain men losing a dollar then the pleasure we get to gain it out and i went back this week in reviewed this is this is really neuro psychology it's the insular cortex in the brain that involves emotion and there's a ton of it when the tide backed emotion there there have been so many studies about this and the and you can measure the emotion or the emotional activity in that part of the brain associated with winning or losing money in it and if there's any lights up it's the it's the insult i guess it's the insularity and i'm so it's the emotion behind money and particularly losing money so yes so so we're looking this study study after study if you if you win it cards or in an experiment oranje game there's some reaction in this area the brain when we lose money even ten bucks it doesn't matter we get three to four times the emotional response in that part of our brain versus when we gain money and think about this as investor with when the market's going up we the hit so many of these alltime highs that means your portfolio is probably hit alltime highs again and again and again and you log in your year account of your fidelity county your schwab account and you look at it and say wow that's about as much as ever been and he log back in a week later and wow that's about as much of its ever rid hey looks really good but what's the emotion behind that you're not jumping up and down this is a little bit of satisfy scott let's go but you are again in right before your eyes in real in the real time world we live in you look at your stephen.

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