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To the rise of a kiss at goodwill should woodrow on first to other jitney grandma the outside and graham rouch at the thirty five yard line by bedford peterson a pick up all the play of four of thirty five to thirty nine and it'll bring up second down james we have not called patrick fears made much night and the reason it because they never throw at no put a buy sell alone urges russell wilson as tried patrick peterson that down there in zone coverage you patrick sipc msrb makes pantheon to the grand ballroom motion on second auschwitz the kiss equipped to carry up the right has the hit at the forty yard tickets one hundred ninety five pound mugabe and it's going to bring up down and ignores just nothing she's a bunch of laugh wade numbers sitting there waiting for which it said the guy says not a big power back he doesn't best dry horde trying to hear what he can vote to award red into the black hole in your neighborhood you got through the 5 at the full yard line three receivers left alive nascent ended a guard if this shotguns that drops the drill pressure comes wants this very meticulous onehanded catch he stressed out at the 35 denied great play by carlos dan's be roared on one isolated with a speedy back at dan's be just flipped him down was right arm and that's the end of the possession portable was because it was it a great throw by russell wilson it's actually a fabulous sketch who kissed goes up jumped one in reaches his right hand up there gets the onehanded but he has no manage three stuck clear standing still trying to get going but by before he could he'd get started carlos dan's we've bearing down on me in hitting them right after the one hand seventh point of the night for john riot diane lane this won't towards crew in the williams who backs up inside the ten feelgood at the vine goes left to the tenable stutterstepped at the fifty the brakes once apple and a stop to shy all the.

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