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A golf tournament tyler. What are your pets for the fort over. I got six for the four tonight. I got cam champ. Forty five to one of our biggest longshot cash. We've got him a one thing. One twenty five agrium. He's from north california. So he's been putting on these poems most of his life so it's perfect for our guys back. Charlie hoffman fifty to one. There are fifty to one still out there. I mean he fits everything in this course and he's what at top five golfer over the past year so fifty to one. I'll take mazzola guy. Maverick mcnealy i like. He's gained a stroke in every category in his last twenty rounds and that a little small bet longshots here. Hudson swat one hundred to one. Patrick rodgers who. I can't quit one. Fifty one and luke list one forty to one so those are my six bets. What about leonard list. What about land mcnealy. I was at that. We don't have any hank viola anymore. He's playing in this turn. I've thought about it. But he's he's looking bad he's been running downhill ever since that ever since his hajj store. It's not looking great so ever since you crowned as your king he is is is plan the throne. You wanna bet them. Nikki is blaming the tournament. Just what do you got for the ford net. Three outright bets zella. Taurus is pretty low priced. But they're actually aren't a lot of winners in this field. So actually think is prices still playable at like anything over like twenty twenty one as playable. Twenty four is the best number in the market and then two guys sixty one plus that max homa like for price stood out really really big. And he's like a multi winner. Obviously and you know. I would prefer that to a guy who just finished in the top ten all the time. Even his numbers are better. So max homa sixty three is the best number on the market. Which i think it's crazy really like him. In this tournament. Brendan steele would be another guy. Eighty to one so those three hours. That's just how i'm starting positions on the tournament. Don't want rahm. Don't want a lot of the other low price guy. So max homa brennan steals alatorre and then three guys. Why don't they can win. But do i wanna play like top ten twenty derivatives on camp champ tyler guy our guy because we had them to win totally agree with the handicap their and his numbers Pop from in this tournament sep straka. Who definitely but before in his name made nick laugh so go back on sept. i have him like as a top twenty golfer in this field. But he's not being priced like that. And then matt kuchar who i think has literally zero percent chance to win but could kind of like sneak. The top twenty. So those are my best. He sounds like an rpg at night. Sep straka landlords quite the final boss but like the boss before the final boss. Right before you can beat kafka his his associates steps rocco all right my golf bats here outright hideki. Obviously i know people are fading decky this week. I don't care. You won't be a lot of money at the masters. So i'm going to bet them until i'm broke so decky for me ready. Na na na na kevin na outright right whatever. They should've done that. probably will do. Zola's boy wools alatorre us. You know that. I got a ride with tyler. The man. Charlie hoffman final outright for this weekend at fortnight ladder fortinet. Great show. Tonight was a lot of fun for the for the the the three hours and forty nine minutes we were on the air ryan and quinton coming up after us. We'll talk to you tomorrow at three pm eastern until. Then you're listening. You're you're wishing you. Minimal sweats winning bets. And.

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