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Yeah that's what happened there. So i was dating this guy and we were not really right for each other. I was going through a phase in college thing and my this was literally my roommate. All the time drank all the time together. We were hanging out all the time and we broke up. You know we said like we're not right for each other and then my best. She's one of my best friends still is who is one of my bridesmaids in my wedding worked out. Yeah worked out. She told me like a year later she goes. I've got to tell you something. She's like me and such and such like we. We hooked up and we like you know mess around for a little bit. You know a little while after you broke up. And i was like more sense anyways honestly like that was my reaction to it. Because they're both donors and it just kind of like made lake. We'd have never made sense. They made more sense. They ended up also not working out but it was funny how she literally kept his secret until it was already overweight down low and then whenever it was done she finally came clean. Was like by the way this happened to me. I can't believe you're still friends with her. Though that's on shocked by that you see really. Yeah because the shady the secret like i told this girl. I'm going to date him. I'm sorry i know you're gonna hate me. But i'm going to go through with this. She knew straight up her house and she. Did you know what i think it is. I think it's because as my best friend. She always knew that. I didn't really like this guy that much. And so you peeved all about this secrecy and the lying. Did you take a second after the call and be like. That's kind of weird. you did. Little took a thought for sure. I mean the fact that. I still remember it normally. Forget everything but i remember this year. Oh yeah you get over it. She's pregnant and mary now she would still. Here's my one of my best friends defines dating something different. Like he'll be like. Why are you dating my ex. Mike earn one day with them and it did not work out. You cannot have a friend who dates everybody. Everyone's in that define it was a defining relationship. Then you're good data to gary. And i like nobody better touch gary right. That's okay. I'll go to jail for that. Oh man okay. Well what do you guys think tweet. -as has tag daily pop next kelly ripa mark swallows. They have some big news for you. Plus teddy mellencamp is here. She's joining us. Live in-studio to talk housewives and her secrets for looking so darn good. Don't go anywhere we'll be right back. Welcome back to daly poverty. It's time for the hollywood minute. Give us sixty seconds and we'll give you some cool celebrity stories. All right at the clock starting with kelly. Ripa marcus raila. They're going back to their roots soap operas. They're going to be producing a primetime version of this show. That brought them together all my children as of now the show will be called part of valley city where all my children took place. Okay from pine valley to za moon data. We're getting our first. Look at coming to america. Amazon studios released these photos from the sequel starring. Eddie murphy and arsenio hall. It seriously. Looks like they haven't even aged a bit since the original movie in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight cannot wait for that. Coming to america will be released on amazon. Prime march fifth and miley cyrus has revealed the moment where she knew she made it. She billy idol on her sirius. Xm radio show. That share came after her on twitter. And that's when she thought she'd really made it because share gave an f. about what she was doing true. True words there morgan. Do you agree that it's a compliment. If a celeb- is pissed off. A you i love it. You ask me. i listen. I've had my fair share of celebs being upset with me. And by celeb-. I mean justin bieber. He was mad at me back on how it is that cop that caused a ripple effect in the office. Everyone frozen flipped out and needed to verify that it was really him. I don't think he cares about what i'm doing now so i don't know if it's continued but it was definitely. It was a high.

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