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To you while you were fighting or now I know that that's his big thing. They did he have you. Will. I think with You know for me. It's not that big of a deal to get live at the corner because I mean again. They're reinforced some good things, but. You Know God forbid. A corner encourages their fighter when they say they're done. Yeah we'll have you WANNA. Show some encouragement in show about one guy that you had that had like. I don't know if he was like a weapons training guy and he was yelling incoming during your fights, and like you know what I'm talking about the guy that was like yet. How was that Geiger? Cornerman? you wear yet? He had stopped. He was A. US An interesting guy, but I like giving you guns during the fight and stuff. who was like giving you like like weapon? I know your brother was fighting with him during one of the fights like the have to break up their fight. Went. No no, there were there were words exchanged, but You know we're We're all looking for the same outcome, so. That's that's good. I wrestling coach I've had to yell at my other coaches times like they're young and other guys. Shut up north. Head coach. You know. Even like I would even that's a perfect example because I think guys who have wrestled in you really learn that kind of self reliance, and you've been in matches by like. That's a very one on one very very physical sport. Those guys don't need a lot of coaching. I mean maybe reinforcement of reinforcing what you well but people who've never really had. I guess really wrestler kind of been learned that self reliance in a competitive standpoint They might you know their corner might mean more or might be? More at one point when I was a junior in high school I was. I lost four matches in a row and I was defending champ, whatever my coach and I had like an unhealthy relationship I. Don't know if that's ever happened to you, but it was getting to the point where it was not. We're not on good terms. And he didn't come to the tournament because he had something, and it was the best I wrestle, and I think. It a lot better without him. Back the next tournament. I want one Yada, but sometimes like you almost WANNA prove your corner wrong. Your head coach wrong. There yeah, it's up. There legos crazy. Wrestling dads that are like one more than their kid and they're screaming. I see I've seen it a lot in Nebraska when you're like some of these kids will do a lot better without that pressure and all that Shit from Dad. You know what I mean. What are your thoughts on down by the way here about him? Yeah. He's a stud..

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