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Adam conover and you know for those of us who came of age this century we all have they have a sense that we kinda inherited a fallen world right like the world sucks compared to the one our parents grew up in. It wasn't like this for them right right. They went to college for like a buck fifty semester. They came out with a diploma and zero debt. The Dean gave them a handshake with eye contact when they graduated and then they fell in love got married. They bought a house affordable mortgages were apparently being handed out band fliers in those days and then they afforded to have kids like us how they even had health insurance and pension for our parents. It's a middle class. Life was achievable. Not everybody achieved it of course but the option seemed to be in reach for the majority but today we we know that things are different right. It feels much much harder to get a good job now. It seems like all of our friends are driving Uber for peanuts when they're not sending out resumes. College is now so expensive that getting an education to give yourself a leg up means saddling yourself with crippling debt and if you wanna live in one of the few areas where all the good jobs are located. Housing costs are absurd. And that is you mean. Taking into account that much of our world is either flooded or on fire at any given moment or that authoritarian movements around the rise highs and massive social upheaval is stretching from Hong Kong to Santiago to Hey right here in the United States. You'd be forgiven for thinking you know. The world's gotten Shittier shittier since my parents say well you're not wrong. This disticts bear that feeling out. The benefits are less equally distributed than they used to be and living in a standard middle class. Life is harder in the forty years after nineteen seventy-three productivity went up almost seventy five percent but hourly compensation only only increased nine percent that means that while workers produce more than ever before over the last few decades. They only got a fraction of the increase in what they produced for most workers wages have infect stagnated meaning that they're about the same as they were decades ago and this is especially screwed up because everything from healthcare scare to college to childcare is way more expensive than it used to be so the benefits of productivity didn't go to the workers. Where did they go? Guess what rich people got the top one percent of Americans. Now hold almost one third of America's wealth a third while the rest of us are struggling to afford a roof over our heads on GIG economy economy wages. The wealthy are loading up on super yachts sales of which are currently skyrocketing or ocean rocketing. And of course this out out of control inequality has led to explosive political instability worldwide. So you might be asking yourself the question. What changed used? Why is the world? Our parents came of age in so different from the one that we inhabit. Well the truth is it wasn't random. This change was the product of policies policies and ideas enacted through our political and economic system over decades. People came up with these changes and implemented them and they crafted the world that we live in today and to explain how our global economic system got to where it is now who did it and why and where it might be going into. Today's moment of crisis our guest S. today is mark blyth. He's a professor and political economist at Brown University. And let me tell you he is a delight. I think you're gonNA love this one and it is going to.

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