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Four stop by here. Soderbergh game go on. Knocked off a buck by Braun Carlson was there for Joe Thornton. And he'll toss it ahead for Sorenson at center ice jams, it indeed breed trees deep right border has control the puck trying to Fender down low looking for la- Bank. But that was canceled out by an goal and a haircut Nanto and the avalanche grabs the spring in their step shot Soderbergh. Rebound guide into the corner by Joel kept blocked by copper, Chuck Soderberg. Redirected say by Jones against his old teammate net. Dylan feels to clear he told high slot dishes us off comfort can't pull the trigger. Looks to center takes it behind the net. Still control the puck left corner to gore off week shot. Back can celebrate spring. But why rebound taken by Dylan Anna, clear for the two and a half gone by the third. It's three ten Santa for the first time in this game. The San Jose Sharks are showing the jitters playing nervous right now with the puck not been around in their own glass. Agai- for milk Carlson. Bill shoot it in play by group. Our over the outstretched arms of Barclay. Good row who eventually tracks down the pumpkins. Colorado recovers land, a Scott up the left hand side MacKenzie flies to his right that duck's back to his left of the blast whistled down for offside Tyson. Joe's from Colorado. And Alexander Kerr foot fifty one seconds into this third period of two three two all game. It's been San Jose safe to getting the puck in the offensive zone dumping it in far too heavy get on the puck to start this period, the sharks do want the puck. It looks like they don't want. They want someone else to have hurting right now. Off the draw a neutral zone, San Jose able to retrieve the puck wrong ahead. The market were glass. It's jammed in. Four checking. San Jose four so top fasten the neutralize area than Vlasic blasted it. Back in climb the glass and went on a place. The face off will come right back to center ice with sixteen fifty to play in the third period to sharks. There's nothing like playoff hockey for the NBC sports app. You can watch the Stanley Cup. Plows live on multiple devices by downloaded the app or visiting NBC sports dot com slash. Hurdle wins the face off at the rent sharks are just taking along with wieners on the dock tonight Carlson unable to advance the Paul Wilson off the neutral zone turnover. Drill by Brendan nila. Gleaned play of Andrew Kane comes over to handle that cancer at curls soft toss down the middle disrupted by Wilson bang in by Kane. And covered up by Sam Gerard right hand side for Johnson. Those two were there for a good chunk of the season for the right answer. But as you mentioned just by Jared banner, long shot from Johnson as he was coming off Wofford aside by Jones pills nuclear for Vander. Cain jabbed off his stick momentarily. Recovered by the Belsky and pain will shoot it in around the boards. More shots on goal. Ready for Colorado with his third third-period? Tim after five in the second the entire second ple- past left wing out of the reach of to racing back to collect and pumping. It up the right and side was Lapan. Did not it out it by Lubang will try the left hand side this star, but their personas there. He alludes Marcus Sorenson pass out the porn drive. I was walked by the back office. Stick of coal Prasada gap to coal back to fix the shot. Weights shoots. Stop made by Martin Jones covered with four half gone by in the third period. San Jose, three hours to another example of the San Jose Sharks who had possession of the Bucknell Bank at it. They guess what happened? He looks up doesn't find his man and almost throws open area who jumps on at the outlet quite back at the sharks. Subscribe to NHL executive suite. And all new podcast, showcasing Maliki most influential people available NHL dot.

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