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Shake hands and you got maybe michael buffers their ladies and gentlemen boys and girls and you know friends around the were let's get ready to denuclearize and just a little thing and then bills lanes come out remember mills let's get it all and then they go back and they talk about everything they come out later and then they have a press conference there you go i i would be better if it was like it'd be more entertaining i know that for sure three two three five three eight twenty four twenty three at chadbensonshow is your twitter you can tweet oh long with us israel said it yesterday and i got some blowback people are still fighting on the facebook page over the israel hamas day of rage ramadan starts today all the stuff you know you've got funerals going on i i don't care i'm still only i don't care phase of this and i want to give a care but i can't i just i just i doubt and hamas and this nightmare it's still the hatfield mccoys and guess what i don't care about the hatfield mccoys either you're the most entertaining and i've studied that feels mccoy's deva lance and and and the likes of them i mean you look you know it's interesting to a certain extent but it's just folklore and that's the way i feel about this it was interesting to a certain point there are allies we want our allies dwell and we stand behind them but there's the person who's living in iowa really care about this as a person living in orlando really care about this person living in phoenix arizona really care about this on a daytoday basis i went out to dinner last night with some people and we were talking about this and i was asking people around us.

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