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I asked him how he's doing with all that. I want to play you his response and then get your take, because you know him so well. First off. Here's what he told me about the nerves. I get nervous every single time I fight. You know, I get nervous. I get nervous. I get a tad bit scared. I think of you if you don't have that you're not ready to go, but I think the nervous of competitive I think that's Not me being fearful of anybody. You know, I'm not afraid of anybody but the competitive nervous Get me a little bit of times and it's good, because when they don't come, I don't feel confident going into the fight. I need him. That sound about right to you? Is he telling us a different story than the Daniel Cormier? That you know is that the Daniel Cormier thatyou know Ben No, I said, I think, And I think he's really well that they're there. But maybe that he doesn't let them overcome them or overwhelmed him. What did you some people? They're just They're And that's it. You know, he's able to move on with his life, and he performed normally under the circumstances, obviously. By this time he's been in big matters for. Well, it's 20 years now, right? I mean between the city and the final that he rather killed files in 2000. I believe you have one. So a very long time ago. So, yeah, He should be used to it by now, and he acknowledges it, but he doesn't let it get the better of them. So I do a show every Monday called DC and Hani. You helped us out this past Monday. You're going to be on again because DC had some things to do and my favorite moment. Of last week's show was when you spoke to D. C and you said, essentially, hey, I've never really given you advice, but I just want to remind you that you're one of the all time best wrestlers, regardless of country, Right? Use your wrestling because when you use your wrestling, you could beat this guy. Do you think that he will pay attention to your advice? Do you think that because when he used his wrestling in that second fight, it went great. Then he got a little cocky and film love with striking and we knew we know what happened. Then he got knocked out. Do you think that he will listen to you tonight and just keep interesting match and take the fight to the ground? Yeah. I mean, I obviously he is. Super intelligence, So I'm sure he had that figured out before I mentioned it to him last Monday. Yeah, for him. I think it's just people be scared that the right word, But you have to keep my toes, right? Gotta be aware of everything that had happened and I'm going to say things that could happen is Take 1000 of Daniel in the glass that part I think that's really bad for himself. You know he could win the stand up. But then it becomes even better when the guy has to worry about his rest on also, and then if he does get on top of the thing, he's great on top. Stay on top. You could do a lot of damage on top, So, yeah, I think it's important piece. You get nervous when you watch a friend like Daniel Cormier fight. Ah, every once in a while. I try, not because it is not really productive. Fair enough. That's a good point. I wish I could say I couldn't sleep last night, Ben, I'm usually the kind of very Yeah, I was nervous from. I mean, this's what dreams of right heavyweight title final fight. You walk away, Everyone will remember this is a big deal. You have started, but you conflict. Yeah, I know. I listen. I'm that kind of guy. I told you I'm nervous. Do you believe DC when he says he's done after this? Do you really believe this is his final fight? Yeah, I mean, now being on the other side of it. By being in retirement for burial. I think it was, Hey, does being it when he says that he means that I think if you went back, there's a really good chance you say I'm freaking, you know, But then there's definitely part of you that Mrs it I mean, writing me him. All I really know my whole life. Competing, bigtime athletic competition is the time I've been 14 years old. I don't know if he'll know his mother tried to immerse myself in business and media and stuff, But I don't know anything else, You know, sports, right? And then on top that, obviously at in paycheck, right which you could make it and they're just probably he probably loves to compete. But there's a passion for that. And you don't really do you kind of get that in the business world, But you don't really get it, You know, not not same level, so I big He hangs it up tonight after we win, and I think There's probably a 50 50 chance he comes back at some point in future because of those factors. Final question. Obviously, you're picking DC but I just want to know decision or stoppage what you're feeling, and it could be a submission is well, he's got a few suggestions under his belt. What do you thinking Decision? Fourth round stoppage was my connection. Fourth round sub or knock out Well, they'll all right there. You have it. Appreciate you doing this good luck to the team out there in Wisconsin Joy the fights tonight. You got it. There is the one and only funky Been aspirin. The former Bell Tour and one championship welterweight champion. Good friend of Daniel Cormier getting a set for UFC 2 52 coming up. Next. A guy who will get a set for UFC 2 52 is my pal Marc Raimondi of ESPN a year ago. He spent the whole day with Steve a muted at his fire house. In independence. Ohio want to get the low down on what That experience was like, Yes, Deepa is a full time firefighters. Well, we'll get that story.

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