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Then I'm like this is why you had Charlotte flair go to t, but if she pops up on the main roster again and she's off of annexed. I gotTA scratch my head and say why because what did she do? Rea- Ripley right now. She's actually digressed as far as perception. Because she got pinched, he was in the. Figure for and she got pin and then. Andrea Ripley so they didn't get any shine off a Charlotte flair, and this is where it makes my discussion in my argument, Really Mute because Charlotte flair to me is ultra talented. Charlotte flares a once in a generation type talent, but it's booking. Like this that perception wise is going to hurt Charlotte flair because I go to social media after I, texted jubilee, and that's what everybody was talking about. They weren't talking about how great the match was. They weren't talking about how good everyone looked all they were talking about is here. We go again because they're protecting Charlotte flair and she should have been the one that got in it at the end of the day bully, it hurt Charlotte. Flare more than anyone else definitely did not help and Charlotte would of non been hurt for from getting pinned especially if they would have done it the right way, there is a psychologically sound way to do that. Charlotte is Teflon. As. We all know Charlotte's the best wrestler out there. We get it okay, not heading shoulders above Sasha, an Oscar, but the best out there. Last night a lot of people were complaining about CIAMPA also losing the way he lost..

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