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From npr news this is all things considered i'm ari shapiro and i'm robert siegel today a random drawing settled a hotly contested political race in virginia the candidates for house district 94 had disputed the election results in november there was a recount and there were legal challenges control of the virginia house of delegates hung in the balance so today enrichment the state board of elections chairman reached into a bowl to fish out a piece of paper inside a film canister and then he readiness game the winner of hell's district 94 is david yancey david yanji the republican npr sarah maccammon has been following this race closely in joins us now in tarrytown as halbe junior got to a drawing of lots today it's been a really unusual and convoluted process and really unexpected because republicans went into the november election with just about a twothirds majority in the house of delegates of the democrats organiz really hard all over the state of virginia came close to a racing bat and rubber to recap what happened with this race has district 94 in southeast virginia the initial election result a number was really close so there was a recount the democrat shelly simon's one that recount by one vote that appeared to set up a 5050 partisan split in the legislature which would have given democrats a chance to share power and may be pushed through goals like expanding medicaid but that was far from the end of this there was this one questionable ballot that was reexamined shortly thereafter and election officials counted that vote for the republican david yancey that created a tie in this race which is why this drawing had to be held to.

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