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Why are we still in Afghanistan? I'm missing. Get, please. Someone explained to me. They don't like that. Entire Complex of people who have invested. Their white papers, their careers, their money and their companies in this operation are really bothered by the fact that president trump is seriously considering pulling down this footprint overseas. That stories kind of convenient, isn't it? Because they're trying to play him. Some of you picking it up. Are Olivia. Slimes now. is getting anonymous tips from these people. The slimes just running with the New York slimes, because they know makes trump look and he didn't do anything. Our troops are being killed. That's ran. It's Russia Russia Russia. They're not anymore. Times isn't any smarter than that. The Lakers on the inside of doing it for a different reason. They're trying to play president trump. They're trying to get him to pull back from. This. Questioning of Afghanistan. By doing kind of triple quadruple, reverse psychology. If. We leaked this fake story that he was briefed about him. That makes him look like a Wuss like he was briefed about these attacks our soldiers. He did nothing how they think president trump will, it will lose control of himself and respond back by saying. We're going to bomb Afghanistan. get here. which will reinforce their previously held position that we shouldn't leave there I hope I didn't confuse y'all CIA desperately trying tricky there are people invested you get it. Yeah, totally invested in US, being in Afghanistan, they think if they pay. Trump is a wuss in the papers. Trump will respond back and say I'm not. We're bombing everyone, which will reinforce their prior position and keep their their their policy integrity intact. That's what's really going on. One of the advantages of having contacts on the inside or gives a give us all the skinny on these stories before they get out. By the way quick note. Breaking earlier today. John Roberts chief. Justice Supreme Court chief Jesse, United States. This is more accurate title. Strikes again with the liberals ruling. rectal Louisiana abortion law were doctors had to have a bidding privileges John Robertson disgrace and embarrassment to the constitution a total disgrace. Really the guy of given up on John, Roberts folks ceased just liberals greatest gift he really has. He is a slap in the face of the constitution. He is embarrassed and humiliated the courts. He's a joke and really it's just more evidence that we need to reelect this president. Because we, there's no. What's the other option? Just let John Roberts. This guy has reinvented obamacare ruled against us some the census ruling just ruled against us last week. In immigration, I mean the guy is a total complete epic disaster. Sorry not in the immigration of the abortion really today. Total mess. All Right! Let me go back to the. Just a quick video chuck. Todd Chuck. Todd strikes again chuck todd always. The silver medal window winner in our dopey Olympics behind he wants. Everything was one week. Joe Chuck Todd Leapt Bryant Seltzer for the gold medal as a dopey media Olympics, but he he did right, but then we had a stelter thing. You know he's just so dopey. Always takes number one spot almost by default, but here's Chuck Todd again. They'd showing how they can't like over the Russia thing the New York Times. Run anything with Russia even though the story's been now. Now discredited, but here's Chuck Todd this weekend with the hapless John Bolton and even both in a total sellout and a fraud, even Bolton Stop Chuck Todd. Who tries to resurrect a Russia hoax yet? Again again, showing you, they've given up. They have no concerns with their own credibility. Anymore all check this out I. mean ask you this, do you? Do you think that part of the that? The president is afraid to make Putin mad? Because maybe Putin did help him win the election and he doesn't WanNa, make a mat for twenty twenty. honestly I don't think there's evidence for that. Paul to stop. Even both at to stop this hapless buffoon. Did Putin help trump get elected. Do you understand these guys don't care? He does not care at all like, isn't he? Concerned about the history books looking back and Youtube and whatever in the future. These videos are all going to be I. don't Care Chuck Todd this is not a serious person. They don't care on their side. They don't. They're not in a PR war. There, not because there's no public relations problem for them, they know they can lie with impunity and their liberal media colleagues will defend them to the end. Yes, but chuck's making that up the Russian collusion thing has been totally divided. No one's going to report on that. So they just talk and speak openly like falls with impunity. It doesn't matter. Moving on speaking of frauds and hypocrites, Just, see the story in the. Washington Times Minneapolis. Again, I love this anti police Anti Second Amendment crowd. Who just when you make them live by their own rules of self defense and the big. Our God given right to defend yourself. They can't do it. They fall in a heartbeat. Remember listen. Alinsky was the worst Saul Alinsky. But one of his rules I strongly encourage you. To embrace no matter how devious was. One of his rules was make your opponents live by the standards they set for you. Pretty simple rule, right. The right is a hard time doing that sometimes and we better learn that the new rules are in effect. The new rules. Are We win? You lose you WANNA play by the rules of civility and Robert's rules of order whatever it may be. I'm willing to.

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