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Of disinfectant lack of intelligence and people they lack of intelligence didn't I thought boats anyway and speaking of competence leaders. Indonesia has arrived for many that looks to one now. Famous Australian later for reassurance in troubled times as shine fitzsimmons leaves his post as Nusa files. Rule services. Chafe is thirty. Five Years Service led him to being widely praised for his commitment to the health and safety of over ten million people. The summers bushfire across he tearfully talks about how the Araf is family gave him purpose and drew him away from his troubled teen years but he's now decided to leave that post a hit up a new government agency called Resilience New South Wales as well as become the state's deputy secretary for emergency management. You know what it is. An honor shine to have you as our intrepid later and we both thank you for your selfless service and we are pleased. You will still honor us with your gift of protection to all you know like I just have to say what a what a a white of finish your your time in service like you know with the National Bushfire. Like let's just let's just whack you into the guy a sean. Everybody I mean without a doubt never meant to never asked for thanks. Never did it for the fame and the fortune and all the glory and all that so stuff. He's father died on the field. I understand what died as a result of a fire during this last season. No no no. I believe when he was younger You know the guy is an extraordinary man of unbelievable empathy and compassion. And I mean what? He knows the fact that they've now might even deputy of emergency services for all of news. Not just you know five services I think is a real testament to the fact that absolutely I have to say that that all of these fires You know not just shine but the other Other guys that have given their service. I mean every one of them. They still pat into that into the line of fire every single day. And there's a lot of volunteers. Volunteers actually weren't getting paid to protect us. Yeah and they did it selflessly. Die In and out like working ridiculous hours so credit to the mall. Thank you so much and anybody who wants to know what a hard day's work is joined the Rural Faris and you'll find Danfoss than anything else so I've ever done certainly and it's been a long time since I've done it now. I agree. I'm in my hat off to and You know let's hope that Shine can actually Sit back and enjoy his life now instead of you know putting himself out in the firing line every day so slowly official and having a look at sports the world of Formula. One is a lot with talks of rumors that not anything will actually happen with this year but that full time world champion may be pushed out of Ferrari when his contract expires later. This year with Ferrari's performance at the hands of vital last year having them chasing the very dominant Mercedes. Hamilton team veterans mistake has left him as nor longer the Chosen One. Maybe they should cokie on race to reprise his role as neo as that is the only hope that Ferrari will have in finding a chosen. One Osh.

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