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In the years ago and my grandma was a part of that and her ashes are spread her ashes. They're know really. It's a very important place for abbie's family. And i have to say you know. It's enviable out to think about this. Being part of your of your marriage your your friendship and relationship in a way that you can celebrate you know you can literally make music together. It's great i mean. We're constantly amazed by our our situation. Is we get to travel down the road with these very special people that that richard and and and bebop and My mom's mom and helen support team. That help us do these concerts and and make it all happen. You june goes to bed before the show usually and sleep in the bunk and it takes a lot of people to make all of that work. But it's really we'll get to go out and play music so sweet sweet situation. Probably the hardest thing to do is to find time to make new music because we wake up in the morning with juno on the bus and the first thing we wanna do is just go play with them and be with them and so we do that. We spend several hours together with do know until he falsely for his nap. Been we're wiped out and then we're tired. Yeah well. And i do have to say because i have been watching. The tv show nashville. Oh yeah i am mutare that this juggling music making music and and a relationship can be challenging. I don't know how does it factor and now juliette. Oh my yeah. I thought maybe i'd try to go visit deacon in the hospital..

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