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Squad, there's lots of MLS talent getting run out to get the experience of pulling on the United States Jersey. A couple of gents stand out. First of all, the one European base player, my lord, it's poor, beautiful segen, dust, ostensibly, still on loan at Milan. That wonder of a Dutch American, such a joyful bloke. What's happened to him? A classic house soaring. I'm old enough to remember when he was linked to Manchester United. I mean, how'd you handicap surge his mindset now? He's unwanted in Milan, Barcelona have already briefed the press. They don't want him back. What kind of a trajectory is our manon? You know, sergino attracted a lot of interest. It wasn't just Barcelona at one point he had Bayern Munich. He had PSG interested in them while at Barcelona, where would he go before it was Milan? You mentioned it was Manchester United with Eric ten hawk his old manager. You don't attract that type of interest if you don't have something in your bag. If you're not a technically sound player. Unfortunately, one of the concerns that I had before I'm going to Milan was Serie A Italian football is a defender's leak. We've heard players like ector Moreno Mexican national team in that place for monterrey when he was in Europe. He said, I thought I knew how to defend. This legendary Mexican center back said, I thought I knew how to defend. Then I went to Italy and I learned that I knew nothing. So it's a different game defensively in Italy and finding that out. Virginia is a wizard with a ball at his feet and going forward. He struggles tactically, Raj, and that he's not been playing at Milan because of that now was shavi, you could say what you want about Barcelona, but if we look at this Barcelona under shabby Hernandez, the legendary Javier rennis re Barcelona, they're unbelievable defensively. They've had 9 goals scored on them all season. That's an insane record for any team. Let alone Barcelona and that tiki taka brand. You know, they're supposed to be an offensive juggernaut. They're supposed to be a team that prioritizes having the ball and here they are new skin being a team that prioritizes their defensive stability. So of course, sergino is not going to really have a place there. Unfortunately for sergino, he's allowed to be at this game because there's no need for him at Milan. He's not even in the Champions League roster. So he's here, much like Juliana Rao, the ex galaxy player who's at Mexican national team player who's at Barcelona as well right now who is most definitely the reason that there will be no space for sergino dest, shavi Hernandez has already spoken very well of him. He's not allowed to actually play first team football until next season. He's only training at the moment, but he trains with the first team in shabby, listen, very good player, physically, you know, great attributes, strong, good shot from distance, you know, he's gonna be good for us, talking about how he will be good for them next season. All without we know about shavi, he's spoken that desk wasn't for him and will not be for him. So sergino needs this game just as much as anybody else in this roster, both rosters. He needs this for lack of a better term to shake the rust off to promote himself to show other teams who are interested that he can still be that player for them. You talk about Julia now that I have to say, I loved you conversation with him last week on vamos. That's Southern California gent who choose el tree over the United States is at Barcelona right now. You can find that conversation on this very pod feed, but there's another gent who, in many ways, has dealt with some of the similar identity issues and is in the spotlight big time tonight, 24 years of age, FC Cincinnati striker, Brandon Vasquez, the pride of Chula Vista, California, grew up in sight of the Mexican border that his parents crossed, love shivas as a kid, started his career in the academy system with Tijuana, jewel eligibility, called up by both Mexico and U.S. at the youth level, said on Monday that he's heard nothing from the Mexico senior national team, so wants to focus on the U.S. side. I think he was pissed on the scene not to make our World Cup squad, passed over entirely, no secret, the U.S. needs to number 9, tell us about Brandon. How'd you handicap his strengths his weaknesses and where would you have him in the U.S. number 9 depth chop? So Brennan Vasquez is about 24 years of age and he's of the generation of the Tyler Adams, the Weston McKinney, the Haji writes the Christian politics of Luca dela toys and the Alejandro Sanders. They actually all played youth national team together. U 17s. He's a player that's very familiar with the setup here in the states. He's about 6 two 6 three 200 pounds, very soft feet, and what I mean by soft feet is for a player of that size and stature. He has a great ability of linking up with the midfield and other players around him at the wing position. He's a goal scorer, scored 18 goals last season, but he had 8 assists so it shows you his ability to understand tactically what he needs to do when he's not scoring goals. Great work ethic and he's a player that's, I don't want to say late bloomer, but he's really coming into his own. Now, the reason I say, I don't want to say late bloomer is because I feel like when he's been given an opportunity, which was just last season, he's proven it. Before that, he was a cholos, where he would only play youth football. He started out, I believe it was 2017 with Atlanta United. He was 18 years old. He's got the same story very much akin to Paula raiola, a border kid grew up in Southern California in Chula Vista with the ability to literally drive from his home in Chula Vista to Tijuana, drive from the border to Tijuana train and drive back home. So he's got this unique perspective on the game. Unique perspective, I would say on life.

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