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Ask they expect him to come out in win and he needs to chief. Team has struggled mightily against That's definitely something to keep an eye out for when you're defending. We've got us in the last last two weeks now. The Ravens were able to get outside on the chiefs and really hurt him on the edges last week. The lines ran a Lotta outside zone these stretch around but they were banging it back inside a lot because the over pursuit was coming. She's got a fine the mid line they gotta be able to stretch the runs out on the outside. Defensive ends or your linebackers got a hold better contained contained forced the running back to cut back inside within. You've got to have players at home. They just got to be more gap. Sound or the colts can really get going here and they haven't shown the ability to do so yet. Yeah Yeah not at all. MARLA MAC frankly terrifies me in the same way that carry on Johnson terrified me. They remind me a little bit of each other's their ability to cut cutback against the grain as well as stretch it out if Marla mack cannot go which he hasn't practiced so far this this week nine team hines is going to stretch run. He's not tween a very good athlete. He's not a between the tackles runner that does make it a little easier for the chiefs because because you know some of those cutback lanes and things like that that are getting blown wide open hinds isn't quite as dynamic isn't quite as able to or or any doesn't have that vision to cut it back. He's going to try and get to the edge as much as possible. The chiefs have to be crashing down on those they can kind of live out there with some of their alignments. It's a little bit and try and win that way like Matt said get Frank Clark up the you know up a little bit having disrupt same with Alex Oak four manual but those you guys have to win this week in the run game because if MARLA maximum out there the wrong trying get naim hines into space as much as possible Craig the guy was going to say yeah. I don't think Marlin I don't think ninety nine scenes sees it as well as Marlon macktaz flat out. He's more of a pass catcher type player in space player like you said so. I I totally agree there but the other thing about you know the run game for the colts. They have a really good offensive line that one of the better offensive lines in the national football colleague so this is a very big task for this group. The the front has to play well. They gotta play well this week. Frank Clark. We're We're going to see what we're going to see. What what you're up to this week. It's going to be a big challenge. Okay one other thing that you guys have been in kind of keeping an eye on is one thorn hills usage looks like he got pulled a couple times last week against Detroit Mattie yeah and I've been trying to figure out if there's any rhyme or reason to what he's getting old out. You know getting having a coach. Come out and tell us for sure and it kind of seems like a drive. After there's a coverage bus that you could potentially put on one thorndale. He seems to come out the next series. Maybe they're talking to him in the sideline letting them see how it goes maybe they. I just feel more comfortable putting Daniel Sorensen back in the game instead of thornhill just to make sure things don't get out of hand but it's happened a few times now. It's not a lot. It's just about one one. Maybe two series a game that one thornhill just kind of takes a quick breather on the sideline a hopefully he's talking to coaches getting to see how somebody else like. Sorenson who's the NFL veterans veterans running that same defense something else so it keeps creeping up into my mind. I wonder if there's a correlation to win..

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