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You're not familiar, Snapchat lets you alter your pictures or video with different filters that add special effects your, face like making your is huge or making you look like you have a glowing angel halo on or. Whatever Doctor said quote Snapchat Dismore fiesta has patients, seeking out cosmetic surgery to look like filtered versions of themselves with fuller lips bigger eyes and thinner knows We're all. Gonna eventually look like cartoons The researcher said quote this is an alarming trend because those, filtered self is often present in unattainable look and are blurring a line. Of reality and fantasy for these patients they say it's. Definitely a sign of a big change people used to look, at celebrities for inspiration for plastic surgery and, now they're just looking at Snapchat filters which is still kind of looking at celebrities because all of. Those pictures are heavily filtered as well Filter the filter once you get the plastic. Surgery what do you look like who knows yeah this next. Laser story is out of romance central g., q. magazine just published the results of a survey asking women which qualities make up the ideal man They. Found nine characteristics that are necessary and for that are pretty, important but not crucial so if you want to start working your. Way toward becoming Ryan Gosling here's how it works the nine necessary qualities. Are honesty kindness intelligence a good, sense of humor blue is? The ability? To. Speak two languages being a romantic not being a vegetarian and being a good listener behind all that but the blue is where people all about blue eyes Not being vegetarian's important yeah The four pretty important but not as important qualities, are driving a European? Car A job that requires you. To wear a suit a, college degree and being, clean shaven now I'm not I'm not with this one Against those ones So you can work on most. Of those things although having blue eyes could be out, of your control but you could get some contacts or something Or Snapchat the blue eyes is really straight yeah that's the, only real thing that was about looks on their it. Was the blue is everything else was just about. What kind of job you have a car you drive, not eating only vegetables and things like that Like there wasn't even like you must have a six pack or like nice, packs are like those cut lines on your hips nothing Basically learn language stop being a vegetarian by. Volvo Shave and listen to people once in a while and, you should be the ultimate man Now some big big goals too Wow Guys That's the sound of a. Turtle humping shoe Laser stories Come to an end for, the day same.

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