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Partitions up, so nobody's going to be spilling in your face. Get in there. For more information to get that money, gold buying Sarasota dot com I don't like people spilling enough. No, no, no, no. No Need for a man yesterday was that I was at Petsmart in ice. I was just oblivious and I had my mask on. But I like put my head around the partition from the woman and she was not happy. I mean, it was you Get your head around the partition. What's your agenda before we went to commercial? You said you're you know, facedown through a crowd. There is many. A note another now this was that was a joke. Okay, This is not ajoke. I was just What was I couldn't hear her. She's talking through a mask through a partition. So I like I like, Put my head around the partition and kind of, like, put my good ear towards her. And you would have thought that I spit right in her mouth because she was she did not look happy at all. Sorry. It's okay. I got it. I got the treats and the Eukanuba? No, I did. I got some, uh, I got a little rabbit that it looked like a real rabbit. I thought it was pretty cool. I got one of the gods. No, no, no, it was for me. It was for me. Ah, lot of people want to know they're looking forward. And they say What? What should I do on Thanksgiving? Is the Rhona going to get me if I have a family dinner? Oh God, well as the covert 19 pandemic continues new guidelines or out from the Centers for Disease Control Prevention for Thanksgiving officials divided up traditional Turkey day activities into three categories. Lower risk, moderate risk and higher risk. So with higher risk activities. They want you to skip them this year, traveling, no shopping and crowded stores. No taking part in fun runs or races. Don't.

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