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Should have a fair understanding of the rules as well, which they haven't in this case and I know the FAA will point to what is someone in charge of the gate or whatever has slipped up and allowed to straight, but there should have been clearer instruction. And when you have MBS, it's not the entirety of the FIA, but here's the public facing figure. When you have him, instead going right, well, we need to make sure the thermal underwear and the no studs are in order. And then I get something that could have had dire consequences exist. When they get that so wrong, it's such a bad look. And the FIA don't need any help in making themselves look bad at the moment. You know, you have to feel sorry for the people that are working behind the scenes. It's one case after another of incorrect penalties of Abu Dhabi, whatever of three red flags and how it's handled, but it's just really, really inexcusable. And so again, to conflate other things, but you get the cost cap, right? And the fine is with Red Bull is about so that the FIA can restart and better resource itself and whatever. And so we've had that and we've had the great and this is one of the things that MBS has said is that the FY is underfunded. We need to bring in more so we can improve our governance. And then something as fundamental to the basic is this. So the memo hasn't got through or we're trying to rush protocol. Yeah, it's a big deceleration into the pit zone. But I believe rock on has time to react and even with the pit lane speed a to kilometer slowing down, whatever. But it could have been just really, really gross. So if it had gone through that barrier, it would look like in testing when they carrying around one of those aerodynamic measuring devices sort of hanging off the side of the car. It was just really unpleasant. And when you get a broadcaster coming away, calling it a shambles and which there are absolutely right to. No one comes away from it looking good. But it's all again sort of aimed at the FII. A bit muddled, but it was just so it was so dumb, I think it comes back to the basic understanding of if the broadcasters and us as the audience can see what's coming because of how the rules are interpreted and apply, then the rule maker should have that same understanding of how the rules are interpreted and applied. And you can bet that the person who in charge of the gate has a walkie talkie on them, a mobile phone, or, you know, there's a slew of people hanging around in the blue trousers with the FIA embroidered shirt that people around. It only takes a bit of communication to go, okay, maybe we have been a bit fortunate in other races where we've opened a barriers 90 seconds earlier. It's fine, but it was so easy to see what's coming out of him when they're even not fighting for a point. They're not going to get themselves disqualified. You knew he was going to pit, and they should have been better communication over that. It was really, really shocking. Yeah, I don't know whether it was on Ted's notebook on sky or as part of the coverage or he said at some point that there's two gates that open onto the bit line. One of them was all the photographers and they were allowed on. He was behind the other one, where all the team guests and team VIPs and things that are allowed on to go and you know, you get those shots of everyone cheering at the underneath the podium, and he said that he told that security guard don't open this door. There's more pit stops to happen. So you've got the pit lane reporter for a satellite broadcaster, telling the security guard, no, don't open this gate. That's not the way it should be. A shambolic is the right word for it. There should just be no room for this to happen. And as weird as this is going to sound, I think Esteban ocon needed to make his mandatory pit stop is actually irrelevant in this because if ocon didn't have to make that mandatory stop, that wouldn't have made this acceptable. This was unacceptable. And it's probably something that happens 99% of the time, but of course, like here and Alex Alban in Australia last year, it's highlighted because of that last stop on the last lap. Realistically, I assuming that their logic is as soon as Sergio Pérez starts lap 51 at that point it's go go go in terms of setting things up, but that's completely missing the fact that everyone else is still on lap 50. Let's hypothetically speaking here, we saw Joe guanyu retire not too far from the end. What if that had happened on lap 50? He'd he'd be coming down the pit lane in the same way that Esteban ocon would have been, right? And there's no reason why, you know, in terms of going to retire the car, there's no reason why that wouldn't happen on that last lap or the penultimate lap compared to 20 laps beforehand. It's just as likely to happen. So espanol wasn't even the last car it was P 9 at the time, which means you've still got half the grid behind him that could also go down the pit lane. It just feels to me that as soon as as soon as every single car is onto the last lap of the race, at that point they can be considered not live or not active in terms of the pit lane. But if you've got anyone who is on the penultimate lap of their race, if they're not on the lead lap, they are still an active live car that could go down the pit lane at any moment. It is their prerogative, their decision, and it's ridiculous. I agree with your words matter in terms of the language from the FIA was very direct, which I appreciate it on it. The one thing I did pick up from that statement that I didn't think that kind of raised my eye was how they specifically look at photographers in the fast lane as the reason for this investigation. At least from my perspective and I'm not quite sure exactly what they're defining as fast lane, but if you've got the photographers just to the right hand side, really the Russell line into the pits if we call it. Is that any more acceptable if they're there? I just think for the sake of a couple of minutes of not wasting time, but just a couple minutes in terms

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