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Problem which were still played with I mean it's still a horrible horrible thing is not as bad now as was in ninety four, but it's still pretty bad. Black Women. Voters are extremely important to the Democratic Party and to Joe Joe Biden's future here talk a little bit about why they're important and it is Joe Biden someone that. Black women can trust to to have in the leadership of the United. States to replace Donald Trump. Absolutely absolutely black women can trust. Again I don't know how I mean I sound like a broken record here. But the fact matter is this guy has been there for black women more than any other president any other political figure I can think up over time and the fact is that well as possible exceptions but but he's been he's been a leader in terms of the issues that black women are concerned about, and again, all you do is look at the demographics look at the numbers, black women of the most loyal Democratic voters we get the least out of. It frankly we've got the highest infant mortality. We had the gap in terms of wages. We have the hardest time dist making it in terms of the Hanami any any statistic you look at black women come out on the bottom and so but when we continue to strive continued be hopeful that at some point, there will be a political. There can be a political solution to some of the systemic issues that we face and if anybody can lead that it's still we are in enormous amount of crises now, the COVID. Nineteen the. Economy the George. Floyd murder and. Demonstrations around the country. He misses is. Joe. Biden secures the nomination. A grieving nation crises that that seemed to get worse every day what does he represent? What is his the choice of Joe Biden what to see bring to bear in in? America right now that is that is hurting. I, think he represents the the kind of leadership that we desperately need for this country. That selfless. That's that's smart. That respects the the history. The knows exactly what steps to take to make this country live up to its ideals I mean that is that sounds very. Like flag-waving but I mean it. If we ever GONNA make this a more perfect union. If we're going to move this country in the direction, the Dr King Call The arc of the moral universe. If we're going to do that, we have to have leaders who understand that there is a morality about how government relates to two people in the community and that it had that relationship is what makes America go forward. That's what will protect our our democracy and so there is nothing short of the future of our democracy at stake in this election and I just I'm just hopeful that the voters will feel free to come the polls even in the environment that we have, which is you. Know this culvert is just turned everything upside down and so we're in a very difficult environment..

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