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That climate change is already happening. It's with us right now as the atmosphere heats up extreme weather becomes more frequent more destructive and very often the people affected most severely are the ones who can least afford it. When hurricane Harvey dumped, a monstrous, forty inches of rain on southeast Texas. Some thirty thousand people were evacuated among them was a Houston woman named Felicia bird and a year later despite the efforts of aid agencies. She still waiting to get back on her feet. I just got released from hostile when fluid game. And I was staying at an extended care for thirty days. Doing it. Thirty days is when the storm took place. So when my time was up there. I couldn't go back home because I off everything. After that. I went to a place called Georgia Ron convention center. They hit everything. Everything they even had a WalMart setup inside convention center. And all this stuff will treat the actual physical situation. Though. It wasn't good. It was extremely cold. Extremely cold. So I stayed there for like two months after that of actually what happened because I would leave sometimes for two or three days and go to the relatives mainly my daughters. And the last time I left in winter house. When I came back, then moved all my stuff, so I had to go to a temporary shelter now that I'm gonna be on that was horrible and prostate there two days. And I mean, it was horrible. Horrible so two days after that they bought us to shelter. Car residents masturbation. So some of qualify for a housing program and disappointment of complex silty is what was open and it's called new whole housing. So I've been in new hope housing now six months playing a now I hope to one day be able to live on the southwest side of Houston. That's what majority of my family live, even though plus it of CD fluid. Bay. I'm not I don't know much about. Typing in drainage and all that. But I know we have a lot of bios. So I'm not really scared. But I keep in back of my mind that he can happen. It can happen again. I've had for full of because of fluids. I was part of the Allison flew two thousand one house part of the ice fluid. Two thousand eight. Store and always hoard. You know, so I'm just gonna. Just see how this goes. That's philly. Shia bird in Houston. That's our show for today. I'm David Ramnik. And I wanna thank you for joining the I hope you'll join us next time. The New Yorker radio hour is a co production of WNYC studios Aminu worker. Our theme music was composed and performed by barrel. Garbage of tune yards with additional music. The New Yorker radio hour is supported in part by the Torino.

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