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George Herbert Walker Bush treated you just the same in the crowd at this event. Men. More extravagant socks to honor the ex-president who promoted that fashion statement, Jim Ryan ABC news, Houston, we will carry. Tomorrow's funeral live starting at nine AM here on KOA NewsRadio. And we'll get the thoughts of ABC political analyst Alex Castellanos on his relationship with Bush forty one that coming up at six ten this morning. Former FBI director James Comey is expected on Capitol Hill this week to talk about the Russia investigation and the handling of the probe into Hillary Clinton's Email scandal. He previously refused to talk behind closed doors. Comey attorney David Kelly explains why his client was against it. It appears that the two committees conducting the investigation have reached a conclusion, and then say let's bring some witnesses in here, and we'll do it in private and we'll take snippets of. Their testimony will mold it into a mosaic that fits her political narrative or partisan narrative Comey recently dropped legal action to squash his congressional subpoena. No charges will be filed in connection to a tragic officer involved shooting in Aurora KOA. Newsradio is Connor shreve is live with that story. Here. They shot and killed Richard Blackwell responding to a home invasion, call at blacks residents. His family believes hearing loss suffered during his time in the military prevented black from hearing officers asking him to drop his gun. Good. The good. A black had already killed the intruder who was attacking his grandson. The officer involved was also cleared for a deadly shooting in June or police says he's now with the department in a non enforcement role. Reporting live, Connor schrief, KOA NewsRadio. The family of a young Broomfield woman is on the opposite sides of a plea deal. For her killer. Joseph Lopez pleaded guilty to second degree murder yesterday and last year shooting death of Natalie Bolinger, he was sentenced to forty eight years in prison. Her father appeared at the hearing at a loss. Now the person. Related matter more than you will ever know Bolinger mother says she agreed with the deal because it would have been hard to convince a jury to give a life sentence. He claimed Bolinger hired him via Craigslist to kill her many residents of a senior living apartment complex in Littleton will not be allowed to return home for the foreseeable future. That's after officials said yesterday that s bestest has been found in the east wing of the Windermere following a fire November seventeenth more than one hundred people have been displaced by the flames, the complex is working to refund parade rent and provide other assistance one man was killed in the fire and more than a dozen people were left injured. Chad Hoffman KOA NewsRadio. Parents and shocking. Suicide of navy Admiral the latest now from ABC's Martha Raddatz such a shot not only for his family bet for the twenty thousand forces. He has commanded since may. This is one of the most critical positions in the navy in the Persian Gulf region where US sailors have faced off with Irani and revolutionary guard boats weapon, smugglers and pirates Admiral stern. He was a decorated f eighteen pilot a former top gun instructor with more than a thousand carrier landings. He had also served in Afghanistan. But despite what appeared to be a stellar career sources who knows journey tell ABC this was an apparent suicide with no warning and for now, no explanation. ABC's Martha Raddatz from the Pentagon concern about possible health risks posed by five G wireless tech. The star simple fact is the health hazards, are unknown and unstudied and that is a sign of neglect and disregard on the part of the Federal Communications Commission Senator Richard Blumenthal. There. He says a study released last month found some evidence linking cell phone technology to cancer in rats. He says that study only focused on two g and three g cell phones. And there's very little research done on the health impacts of five G Blumenthal calling on FCC Commissioner Brendan card show evidence that the small cells used in. Five G tech posed no threats to residents nonprofits statewide hoping people will step up and open their wallets today because it's.

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