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For just 5 99 each that's hungry. Howie's here, Sean Bally Jin Vikings exploded last week. Check that No Dalvin Cook exploded last week. He was welcomed back into that Viking line up and Boy, did he respond? How about this 163 yards rushing in three touchdowns, receiving 63 yards and another touchdown. He had four touchdowns. He is a monster Start this week. Make no mistake about that. Kirk cousins very pedestrian last week. Here's another guy. He could be quite up and down. He only add Ah, Buck 60 last week, but I liked him here today. I think he could do some damage. How about Justin Jefferson? The first round pick out of l s u. I think that's a good start. I think Adam's feeling is a good start. Ah, couple of different tight ends toe Look at so maybe just maybe you're willing to gamble on either Herb Smith or Kyle Rudolph. But A lot of times they kind of negate the other out. Now, as Faras the Lions go think we all know the situation with Matthew Stafford were all hoping that he can go today. If he goes, keep him in your lineup. He's going to have to throw Ah lot. I think with Kenny Golladay being out, you see Danny Amendola and Marvin Jones. Their value improved. And I'm going to say it again. TJ Haakenson really coming into his own, especially in those tight and must start leagues. He had seven receptions for 65 yards last week. He did have a study down streak ended. But those are good numbers. Lions running game I'm going to say it again..

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