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He's got the bitcoin tie. And he believes that Elizabeth has been wronged. Here's Tim Draper in the film. I mean, we invest in a girl and a dog two guys a cat. We just say is this person going to dedicate their life and make something extrordinary happen. And yes in that case, she was that person. So many very smart people were taken by Elizabeth homes. One of them is Earl Morris who was enlisted to do a series of commercials about their nose. Can you talk about you know, your any interactions? You had with Morris around the subject, I knew that. Arrowhead been apart of the theranos publicity machine and shot material not only material for commercials, but also material for backstage stuff. And so I thought that's intriguing and I did reach out to him early and often see if he would talk about it, wouldn't that have been interesting to talk about two different experiences coming out at before and after but aero wasn't much interested in engaging at one point I did manage to spot him at a public event. And I said aero, you know. Let's talk about their nose. He said, I'm not gonna talk to you. And you can't make me I said, well, how about we just talk off the record. And he said well. For god. There is no off the record, and he can be a very unforgiving person. So I was never able to make it happen much as I tried Aaron let me ask you this question because Elizabeth Holmes does stand out as a unique female entrepreneur. And I wonder if it makes you uneasy in any way, the kind of discrediting of her since she's so unique in that respect. It's a good question. And I think that, you know, a lot of women probably have different feelings about this for me personally. She's an interesting character. And I think gender is something that you can't ignore because it's such a huge part of. I think her meteoric rise in the beginning that she was a woman coming in coming along at the right time and the right place and Silicon Valley that I think was very hungry for female inventor if Email entrepreneur so gender definitely played a role. I think in her success in I think when she was on the downfall. She tried to say that it was because she was a woman that people were paying attention to her in the story and men are allowed to fail all the time in Silicon Valley startups, and why are they allowed to fail and she wasn't. And she thought it was because she was a woman, I think. I've thought about this a lot talk to a lot of women about this. And I think that at the end of the day was homes does not represent women. And if she is the model for women in Silicon Valley than I, you know, we're all screwed. You know, at the end of the day, she committed a specific fraud and crime that is so abhorrent because it was affecting real people and their healthcare and their lives, and at the end of the day that has nothing to do with being a woman who failed or a man who failed. It was. You know, it was specifically the story is what she did. So I'm I'm hoping that you know, galvanizes the women in science and medicine to come out and. Show us what you can really do. This one thing I'd like to follow up on in that regard. And that is it's interesting why there was so much attention focused on Elizabeth and one of the reasons was I mean, she was a great storyteller and people were interested in her story. Young female entrepreneur becomes a billionaire. Well, that's the part that actually in retrospect, they feel disquieted about it's like, maybe nobody would have paid attention to her. If she weren't a billionaire that was somehow a really big deal. There are three female role models in this film that have nothing to do with Elizabeth homes of Phyllis Gardner. Very very important. Doctor and entrepreneur Silicon Valley, Erica Chung, who's a great whistle blower, and even Serena Stewart, a flat bottom astute tried very hard to the right thing. But we don't focus on those people. You know, those are real people trying to make a difference every day, but we focus on Elizabeth homes..

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