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So JV, I want to go to your entrepreneurial Journey. What was your first entrepreneurial experience? And how did you get into that? What did it look like? That's such a great question and I just want to remind you Bruce is off podcast mindfulness mode podcast. I've been on it several times go check it out will have a link to it in the podcast notes. So I want to say that but if you're going where am I am I am conscious murder. Yes you are, but I'm getting interviewed by Bruce actually Bruce it was an age for wow. Yes, and I didn't realize how entrepreneurial I was a little kid, but I was always starting businesses always ordering like boys life was a magazine. I took and I'd order cards like a dollar twenty-five and I kept fifty cents candle same thing dollar twenty-five back up fifty cents, but at age four, I had already learned Bruce. I'm sharing this with you. And if your kids are listening, well, I'm just saying I'm telling the kids how to get what they want..

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