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Back to the Westpark tollway please read carefully and keep an eye out for construction comes on the roadways and chanted Sampson indicate the original because when a stock com twenty four hour traffic center after a hard weekend temperatures will run closer to average starting up the work week in the meantime clear this morning a sunny afternoon high today of that ninety eight degrees clear tonight hello dropped to seventy four a sunny into the weekend tomorrow the high ninety six political or Monday with a few scattered showers and thunderstorms and high and the low nineties I meteorologist Jeff more from the weather channel ninety three on the island ninety five in the woodlands in ninety six degrees of the K. Terry chop taxed offenders twenty four hour weather center get your resumes time three oh one our top story another hurricane could be forming the Atlantic the national hurricane center says tropical storm Berto is crawling in two in a north west Ridley direction and could move closer to the Bahamas sometime today it's something much less powerful a tropical storm with winds of about forty to forty five miles per hour but some real concern to about the rain it could dump another six inches of rain and this is a place where tens of thousands of people are still homeless from that storm two weeks ago you've got people just trying to get back on their feet again nailing up blue tarps over their roofs getting food feeding station so this is the last thing the northern Bahamas needs right now especially to it's going to slow the aid and recovery operations number two is on track to become a hurricane tomorrow or Monday in Texas New. he's Texas conservatives are calling for bold action from the governor two hundred eighty five grass roots groups and individuals have signed on to a letter asking governor Greg Abbott to call a special session of the legislature in order to act what they call the Lone Star agenda alone storage and does a series of policy actions on issues.

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