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But he's so necessary. I can't fire him. He was like my okay best guy. I was like nope up firing him. Sorry I'll I'll make the mess disappear but I'm not getting rid of understandable audible. I can tell us about the pragmatic leadership formulas so people understand what they captain look forward to when they get your book team performance on buyer okay you see because of all the experience. I had on the field all the people I met so I interviewed and surveyed more than one hundred of manager's projects endeavors and business because I wanted to see if I was right and what I was doing maybe before that I should I should tell you a little anecdotes. You See the last two decades. I was being hired and mostly I'm I'm being hired for a project when it is failing or it has field and somehow did know how you can find me and who when I sit down and talk with the sponsor the one that's going to hire me at a certain moment. I I say you know you will if you hire me and you have to have a high some if you hire me but the thing is I will not be doing anything. I don't even need an office and then I pause look at the reaction. How the Hell you mean. You're not doing anything I say because I don't know your business. Your people know Your Business. So if you Ohio me my job will be to make sure that your people are doing the right things at the right time and and that's and that's it so I have to be with the people I have to be with my team with I- stakeholders because they are doing the job they know what's going on. I'm just leading them in the right direction that can do and make sure that they have everything they need that they can do. They have their own joe and then and then I I told him you know that's that's. That's one thing I'm known for. I will give you a deadline and I will keep that deadline and if I don't make it on that deadline or before you don't have to pay me wow and then do they say wow okay yes when I say you don't have to pay me if it it'll make the deadline the over bridge I bet they are it is so important to be the certain that you're going to work and it's just because I believe in the fact that I proven it everytime again. You can plan success and that brings me to the four pillars that I I address in in in the book and that's an easier way of explaining all formula. You know you'll have to ah like you have a kind of a for rocket. You know you not liked Apollo and under the rocket. You're under the plane as you speak. You have the street tons of fuel so that I will make sure that you become a performance rocketeer and even do that because you will command with your mindset and you will fuel with grit grip gear and and doors on four the four pillars. That's all you need. There's one condition only one condition initiative. You have to be open minded enough that you will use a people centered approach so you you will not be a kind of a spreadsheet manager but will you will be a people standard leader. Leader doesn't make any sense. Yes now for our leaders that are certainly at at this moment in time so used to be this spreadsheet kind of a manager and they're hearing people people centered leader and they're starting their knees or starting to shake and they're thinking of switching their coffee for a more stronger beverage. What do you say to them to get them out of their comfort zone and quite frankly out from behind their computer so that they it can embrace being the center later. How do you get them from behind the computer to in front of it. I like that question. I make that question here and is we're these four pillars the comment play it all starts with your mindset. You have to get your mindset in success mode. I explain that in in the book extensively and it starts with in in indeed realizing difference between manager and a leader and your your mindset organization you see everybody knows if you if you start any any endeavor or any project anything in in life. Really you know you've elite obstacles so if you know that you will meet ups go and you put your your mindset in the waiting mode. We are those obstacles. I know they're coming so I'm waiting for them. You already in a negative mindset but if if you put yourself in success success you put your your mindset in success mode Dan Dan you're. You're looking beyond obstacle doors. Obstacles are not problems anymore. They are are kind of challenges and that it has a more positive ring to it so your mindset is is is the most important of the four of my pillars once you have that in then when you come in you meet your people that have to work with your team and your other stakeholders they they they can see it in your body language. They can sit in your eyes in a free expression on your face that you know what you're doing and so you re out success and once you have that is much easier to get all all the trust you need and all the believe you need need and doing the job well because they know this is this is someone that's going to put us under road of doing the right things. Reno how to do things right but he is going to show us to do the right things at the right moment so that's the mindset I I'm keeping it's a bit short because once you have that no comes the people centered approach thing now we're going to talk about the grits and the grip is about nurturing your tribe and that means that those are the nervous people near you or your team that's going to do the job and keyword here is listen you see you are not going to give them orders. Look I'm the boss so you have to this and that and that are not you're out now. You have to listen. What are their once look. You know what they need. That's why they hire you but you want to listen to what and who they really want and not only on the job but also in private because those things they help each other so if you can ease their mind on the boat the ones that they have on maybe looking for a promotion. Maybe you're looking for a another kind of work and the home situation. Maybe have some difficulties with. Ah Kid at home difficult at school he alderson just give them a listening ear and that help so very much. Oh I can guarantee you based on past experience it. Does you know I had one of my guys. That reported to me at one point was a really really really good design engineer but he was very quiet kept to himself and when we would be on deadline he would leave leave and go home at a certain time and I said you know we're on deadline so what happens in he explained. I'm a single father. I have to go and get my child and organize them for dinner and get them settled and and I said fabulous. Can you work remote after they go to bed. If you WANNA put in another hour or should I just get a key made to the front door for and if you want to come back or if you went to come in early before anyone here you know what would work for you. We were all out. Let let me tell you what a top performer. He turned into exactly exactly he was so happy that someone just understood enough to make accommodation and it was so easy again. It's one factor it's just the human factor and after you have that under control as I always put it so you're taking care of your tribe is the nearest people that are are working for you. The next step is the is the grits that was the next step is grip that is or the third pillar and that's about reading the environment's so no you're going to broaden broaden your scope. Look up the other stakeholders. You have to ascertain who is friend and who is food because then you can use a tool that I also put in in the book and You can analyze how you event wants. You know who is full how you still can reach them through a friend because even here there is the same thing as you do your own tribe. You have to listen again and everybody is in. Its for a win so you have to make sure you have a win win win situation. What do I mean with these three wins first of all you're. You're hired again the big ridden for the organization so that's the important thing but to achieve that when you have to make sure that your people your stakeholders your team also get the feeling that they are winning something something one way or the other are in the in the business are in private last win if you have those first our students the last one is your own personal win. Judo's I two wins. You automatically have your win. So you also win. Everybody wins so true is such a good pillar. I love this. I love this and then of course you will even use a couple of of tools and I call the last ask builder to Fort Built. It is gear just have three gs grip grip in gear and those are specific tools that I'm mm-hmm using into book apart from all the other normally used to kind of tools that that you have in in in in us as a as a manager spreadsheets and things like that for the facts and figures but there are specific tools. All step helps you to do that. You could knock you to your tribe and also your read your environment and and you can qualify your stakeholders and and keep a power balance between alder stakeholders absolutely absolutely and that the gear is could fluctuate from project to project depending on you know who which what prejudice and who's in your tribe yes. The destroyed by the tour. I'm giving here are universal as a matter of fact my whole approach is is is is Greenfield. I it's it's it's not because it has been been done long before. It are these days as a matter of fact look around I in the world. How things how people are it's me are you. It's not me and you anymore. I know it's terrible. I do not like you do not enjoy it. Okay so in our last few minutes we have left John. Tell people how they can get a hold of this number one bestseller book and again. It's called team performance on fire and it's such a cool book so tell them how they can get it and how they can you know look up your consultancy so that they can you know do what they need to do. If they want to put their team performance on fire okay well. That's quite easy you got to Amazon and the easiest way do an Amazon is to go to kindle store and Amazon and just type in team performance on fire and the first book they'll be there and if you see my name tape is Johnny Williams and you know you have to write book and the and the whole subtitle I just wanted to mention that is four pillars to skyrocket team productivity and end in to boost your network self worth and George you see if you do off of that is I put in those in those pillars. You will boost your network. You were more in your community in your in your organization. You may even get a raise your self worth also getting a boost because you feel happy you feel like king and last but not least he's your joy works. You know when you go home and you have a smile on your face the people at home your wife your your husband your kids if you look at that he has a good day today and if every day you come home with that smile. You'll have.

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