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And then, of course you can follow us on Twitter at Valentine show. So I guess let's see what this is. I get some sound here. This is from in. The United States in Poland. Joe? Yeah. I love the president of Poland Duda Duda president met with the president of Poland. Yeah. United States in Poland today, signing a joint declaration, affirming defense cooperation, and this is what he said about border security and tariffs. The president did we would never have had a deal with Mexico without imposing tariffs. Once the tariffs were imposed, and they've been trying to make this deal with Mexico for twenty years, twenty five years. And he says that look this whole border problem this crisis is invasion could be solved in fifteen minutes we can solve a problem on the border in fifteen minutes. If the Democrats would sit down straighten out asylum, which is a total mess, but very uncomplicated straighten out asylum, and get rid of the loopholes. Now, what about train with China and the tariffs, I think that will end up making a deal with China. A very good relationship, although it's a little bit testy right now, as you would expect, I think they really have to make a deal, a lot of companies are leaving. China is, you know go how about North Korea. I think we're going to do very well with North Korea over a period of time. I'm in no rush. The sanctions Iran we got our house to just back a remainder coming back. You so the beautiful ceremony in Hawaii with Mike Pence. No, let's juxtapose. The president, ladies and gentlemen, with Bernie Sanders. He believes in corporate socialism, for the rich and powerful, I believe in a democratic socialism that works for the working families of this country. Now that no socialism at all. Then I saw Johnny be talking about crony capitalism. Of course, people, you'll like capitalism. Well, you know, he said, crony capitalism folks was saying, well, you shouldn't be in the discussion is all I'm saying, so Sanders did have a point about corporate socialism, though. They may hate democratic socialism because it benefits working people, but they -solutely love corporate socialism that enriches Trump and other billionaires. Well, I don't think it enriches Trump Trump's already rich. So I mean, and I think he got through corporate social. Oh, by the way, I think it was BS NBC or somebody, they had a tweet today. Twenty one different countries had people from the state at Trump's properties in the last two years. I'm going. Wow. OMG stopped the presses. What this, what is that supposed to mean? So he's got properties all over the world, right hotels, golf resorts and everything else. And we have people from twenty. One countries that have stayed at him. Is that news? No. Let's see what else did burn me. He had a lot to say. This is what he said about democratic socialism because he used to be he was he was in the shadows of this up. Now, they're all out in the open economic rights are union rights Uman,.

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