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Might have been personal they worked at the same place so for him to do something like that it had to be premeditated and he wanted to do an intentional yes Sir Chauvin and George Floyd both work security at a Minneapolis nightclub and reports claim the pair had tensions prior to their deadly encounter Adam Kelsey ABC news Washington in downtown Orlando protests happening again this morning but this one is speaking about the department of economic opportunity more than a dozen people showed up at lake Eola this morning to protest the state's unemployment system the rally was part of the fix it D. E. O. day Orlando was just one of their locations they also had protests in Tampa and Tallahassee their hope is to bring attention to delays in getting jobless benefits to those who are out of work D. E. O. says about ninety two percent of qualified applicants have been paid but there's still hundreds of thousands you haven't even seen a penny state senator Linda Stewart of Orlando it supports the protests and a she's meeting with the governor staff today to talk about the people still waiting for benefits Randy Hastings news ninety six point five W. DPO president trump says he will not allow military bases named after Confederate soldiers to be renamed and says he's not even going to consider with army officials saying they would review the idea of renaming bases which bear the names of Confederate soldiers president trump announced that idea in a series of posts on Twitter the president declaring that the history of the United States quote will not be tampered with is he ridiculed the idea of changing the names of Fort Bragg Fort Hood Fort Benning and other military facilities that is our Washington watchdog Jamie to pre U. S. more from in DC in the news ninety six point five W. DPO lap we are now two days away from the fourth anniversary of the pulse nightclub terror attack one of the survivors tells us he's fighting against injustice as a way to honor other victims feel galvanized by what's happening in our country activist Brandon wolf tells me the same hatred from the pulse shooting is the same hatred on display now the same hate and bigotry that killed George Floyd this year's post remembrance ceremony will be virtual on Friday night no gatherings at the club site serves as the moment for us to reflect on what we do in the community moving forward well tells me honoring the victims with action doesn't just mean showing up this Friday we mean honoring them by creating a world that they would be proud of a world to treat everyone with dignity and respect gene Wexler news ninety six point five W. DPO beginning Monday passengers landing at Honolulu's airport will step off the plane into a thermal screening machine the pilots project could lead to permanent machines in places at airports across the island the devices are designed to check people's temperatures and make sure they don't have corona virus a Harvard University professor is facing a federal indictment accusing him of making false statements to federal investigators the indictment is related to Dr Charles libres participation as your strategic scientist at the Wuhan school of technology in China it's official now Major League Soccer is coming to the Walt Disney World resort MLS commissioner don Garber nurse at all twenty six teams will compete in a tournament beginning July either July eighth this is a project that literally took nearly three months to pull together and the culmination of efforts from everyone throughout the league office to our clubs are great partners that Disney and ESPN players will be isolated infrequently tested for corona virus while remaining on the Disney property on Wall Street more mixed numbers today the Dow Jones industrial average closing here at the closing bell down two hundred eighty two points the nasdaq up sixty six points setting another new all time high the S. and P. five hundred is down seventeen points four oh five in news ninety six point five W..

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