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Welcome to Nintendo voice chat My name is Tom Marks temporary host again this week joining me today is Mr Brennan Graber Hey what's up and Mr Jonathan Dornbush hey just give us a minute all right yeah give it some time let will grow on you this episode four seventy nine it's kind of weird week this week because there's much going on we're getting into the busy fall season so a pair isn't here. Brian is busy with a preview Casey just got back from Japan shoes at Nintendo Live Zach is in La Janet is in Seattle it's just like everyone is when we wish him well there but yeah a busy busy week so I got some good good friends we're going to be we've got a good show for you still we're GONNA be talking about some recent news older there's not a ton this week we're also talking about a would there has been attend this week is review news so we're GONNA be talking about recent reviews for switch or the biggest ones of this week sorry Jonathan did you have a point to make up oh thumbs up even a thumbs up domino is off to a great start already got a busy week for releases there's a lot coming out so be sure to stick around we just got a lot of great stuff talk about this laid back episode and for the first thing we want to talk about let's talk to start jumping in with with news because there's there's not a ton but there are some cool things to discuss here the first being I feel like it's become a weekly tradition on this show Tuesday hey there's new pokemon stuff were in that cycle where there unreleased things every week they're really getting people going hype and people up by adding just need a little bits and pieces this week we got fat peak itchy Cha end long mouth hand along we also got a weird flaming charred I think somebody pointed out this is the fourth alternate a fourth version because there's the charred mega ex mega y and then now this guy which is gigantic Max journalists more than Lynn and farm heroes game your summer chart here's a winter charges charter just having like an identity crisis trying to figure out like who's the true Char's are I think people I just really like buying Char's dragon yeah people like charter charter school so these gigantic tax forms which basically means if certain pokemon that dynamex which means getting really big if you have a and this is the weird thing a specific po come on that can gigantic Max will show up with a different look to the so pika chew if you have data and this is the kind of interesting to me if you have data from let's go Pika Chew you can transfer that and get a p get you bet gigantic Max's into this very fat Pika Chew reminiscent of its first Iteration Husky boy yeah like pokemon yellow box art yeah yeah exactly similarly if you have data from let's go easy you get this very flu fee ev that gigantic taxes lucky boy yeah there's also chart I don't think they mentioned how you get that charge hard if you have let's go with the mouth is not exactly like a preorder bonus it's like if you play at the beginning of the game klay early you get this meow that will turn into basically long we had like mystery gifts that they would send out a mail and so it's probably me some of them like hey tune in for the next two months to get your you know crazy haunts the forearms right answers Cuban who's always not depressed finally happy happy it would be the saddest thing to skulls the other thing they showed was butter free that just kind of look like it had bigger prettier wings so it'll be interesting to see I like that they're doing ask that they're shaking up the the Dinah maxing tickets flavor yeah nice yeah it's not just we took the model and we stretched a right it was my worry when they showed that something like it's just GonNa look weird doing fun stuff with it especially when you're introducing a new thing that all of the previous pokemon generation and have added bells and whistles and tried to shake things up especially recently when it comes to battles but there can always be a little bit of trepidation so I think giving this nice visual incentive to for yeah to get something different out of it I like a lot I don't necessarily think it's going to convince any of the people who were not convinced by dynamex her show but it it at least is a nice little added touch it's interesting to see this this thing where it's like only specific only this mouth can do this only this Pika chew that is from the let's go peek data can do this not just any Piquiachu that's an interesting little mechanic that they're adding in the other thing I wanted to call out is our very own Janika who's away right now did a hands on preview gone up as a Thursday morning when we posted this show she got to play the first ninety minutes of Sword Shield and did a big old hands on on so go check out I G M dot com to read her thoughts on on her time with game after having spent some actually significant time with because we have played at three but it was just real brief of a gym yeah it was simple and so she she got some genuine time from what I hear is a major player in this game yeah as blue should be but yeah I talked to Janet a bit too not to like speak on her behalf please go check out our preview but yeah as she was telling me about what she saw she seemed pretty positive on like the things it's maintaining but also trying to off the formula right she caught it I think she called it like their most ambitious game in the series which is cool here adding digital we'll do that go straight to I'm telling you early in the first five minutes I will roll you out of here on that very easy on this floor it really is it's very slippy you guys don't see this but we fight a battle every moment on this show now just not slipping away from that so yeah go check out our program on previous preview on Dot com right now another of news that dropped that I was really interested to see God people more excited than I was expecting manufacturable analog who are known for making these super not which is a system that hardware emulates so that you can play Super Nintendo Games on it it's not essentially it mimics a super nintendo oh to play Super Nintendo games properly but you still need the game right you still need the games they're very against emulating games they WANNA make hardware that will run those games they just announced something called the analog pocket which is looks like a fancy little gameboy pretty much and it will play Gameboy Games game boy color games and homeboy advanced games and you again you need the cartridges this is actually playing these things but it'll play these systems or these games just out of the gate you just plug in the Trajan works except it has three point five inch LCD screen that's sixteen hundred by fourteen forty resolution and the whole thing is to hun everydollar what excited I do have a an sp on my desk that cannot hold a charge for battery I lost the chargers it and I really WanNa play one of the Games but I can't so this is like ooh this could be a workaround that will be nice the one thing I'm kind of like if the design it's making that that original gameboy look but it's a lot more sleeker but I would have almost wanted a an SP version or an advanced version words or horizontal vertical right I mean DSP is the undisputed best game boy so I my gameboy advance S. P. it's one of my great childhood tragedies that I had to throw it out at some point in a move yeah I like the design of how sleek it is but I don't know if I will buy it for two hundred dollars mostly because like my gameboy advance S. P. I don't have any of my gameboy library anymore right and that's like the big sticking point for me is like if these games are more easily accessible in a legal way to buy and obviously you know a lot of game stops and other stores have older libraries but man I would play so many of my old games like I spent so much time on my gameboy advance foundational to my love of games but this is a really cool tool for collectors or people held onto all these things to play these games easily on a piece of tack that's not you know decades old at this time and the really nice for yeah so this is another the thing is this is coming in two thousand twenty some time and it's going to have a separate thing that you can buy also that is a doc like the switch where you can plug your gameboy game into the analog pocket and then you plug the analog pocket into a doc and you can connect a bluetooth controller to that and then play your game boy color or Gameboy advance or gameboy games on a t we like a switch basically it's much more elegantly than the Gamecube gameboy adapter young into the bottom of the system. So funny I still have one of those I I had service yeah so goofy yes so that's it I mean I don't know if I'd ever want to play a game boy game on a four K. TV but it's cool that they're just taking that extremely accessible to do yeah yeah I think like ten game boy games on me so the price point is an issue boy also have pairs giant Goodie bag true game boy games steel for oil there's just get a bag of game boy games in a pile and like picking one out it's like oh wow castle or like oh well beauty and the beast for gameboy color copies of Sri Castle the castle real I didn't know this was a thing way back yeah oh teddy release system the Gameboy back the analog pocket you can check it out for yourself we've got more details on Jan well it's very it's very cool I just like elected they're doing this I I really appreciate analog doing stuff even if the price point is our above the range that I would be paying WanNa pay for it it's a it's still going to be really nice thing for the people who do go after that and can't afford it price point like I understand it especially for the people who probably do have collections and are like willing to shell out because of how useful and modern of piece of equipment this is moving on there's a couple of other things sonic is coming to super monkey ball banana blitz hd this is the master of the we.

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