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That we had in this game. Whether you're seeing your who's leaving or whether your player who's coming back, and you see that we have worked to do. I Nick went when you look at what Clemson did not only this year, but what has been doing the last couple years, can you? Now put these two programmes on equal footing. I think you have to in the right here. Now over the last four years of both fifty five and four the both two times champions. They're both in the playoff every single year there two and two against each other. And I think more importantly than what I think what the young athletes what the high school players think they Clemson has on their rosters freshmen this year. The number one player from Ohio got a pretty damn good football school in Ohio got the number one player from Alabama. They got a pretty good football school in Alabama. And what dabbles Swinney is done is to me. The only thing I can compare it to what coach K did it Duke when he took over a team that was not a blue blood that was not one of these all time great programs and turned it into one. If at the beginning of this decade when Nick Saban already a title mile Bama, and was setting up this infrastructure. If you come to me, or I think anyone and said, hey, there's going to be one team that by the end of the decade is. Oh until neck and neck with Alabama urine. You're out people might have said see they might have said Oklahoma. They might have said, well, how state they might have said, Texas, Madison, Florida, Clemson wouldn't have been one of the first fifteen Clemson. They won the national title Eighty-one there. They before this run. They had the same history of twenty five other college football programs in place that hasn't been historically a hotbed to recruit from four them. They're competing with us see schools like what he is done. There is remarkable. It has created a new powerhouse program in college football out of nearly thin air. So I I right now contemporary contemporaneously they in Alabama are clearly neck and neck and what he's doing in remaking. What Clemson football is to me is nothing short of remarkable. Yeah. There's a lot of good programs in college football right now, the the criminal crown has been Clemson and Alabama last week and talking with Ryan day in recent than last couple of days, we got a lot of kids. They're gonna come out of school. And I've been just conversating with the coach his recruitment Hieaux, and he's recruiting the nation. But it's in with Clemson and Alabama in mind, he saying, yeah, I need kids. I want kids from Ohio. Yeah. I want kids from around the nation. Yes. But if these kids can't help me be Clemson and Alabama, that's the standard in college football. And with a high of state having won the top five program, one of their coaches, telling me, yes, I think everyone else in college football should recognize Clemson and Alabama. They are a step above Georgia, Texas, Ohio State and Michigan and these other schools are going to have to from a quarterback standpoint billing to protect that quarterback. And getting after the quarterback, you're going to have to build a match what these teams have been able to do what I think is warm portent, especially with the retirement of urban Meyer. There's only one coach on the level of Nick Sabin. And that's dabbled swing all the other. There is no other than the legendary coaches in college football, Davos waning, and Nick saving or the only. To on that level, everyone else's Spiring to get to that level. So not only from a coaching standpoint because that helps recruiting care. All right because you can go in there and say, yeah, man, we stood either. I with the beasts four times in the last several years, and we will them twice that. Right. There is the best stat that Clemson has going for and the other schools we've seen go on four or five year run either at historical or infrastructure recruiting advantages..

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