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I pulled the for hood over my head and clasped the collar closed at my throat, I tied up my food and water in the sack and slung it over my shoulder for a long while then I stood beside the horse's head and looked up the slope full of misgiving. Finally, I turned toward the stallion. I looked into his big contempt with devise. Well, listen, I began a black beasts simply turned and started walking back the way we had come together. Well, what did I expect mutual vows of eternal friendship a promise? He dropped me. An Email from time to time. It's funny. How you come to love animals. You never know if they care if they love you back or what love could even mean to them. Maybe you just love some character. You've imagined for them your own ideas. Superimposed on them the way king Cam Vitus loved his moon maiden and the country people loved their king, but all the same. I loved the stallion. I watched him walking then trotting away growing smaller as he crossed the fields of Manera heading westward, Edmund and Galiana and shadow would is true home. On an impulse. I called out twin tell Maud I'm still here. Teller I will not fail her. But if the horse understood me or even heard me, he gave no sign of it. What did I expect? I stood and watched him until he was nothing more than dot moving against the blue horizon. Then I turned and started trudging up the mountain. It was a miserable trek from the very beginning. And it slowly got worse..

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