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Wintry weather and extreme cold and much of the U. S. Jerry Clayton with Texas Public Radio says the weather has also killed animals at a sanctuary, a chimpanzee. Several other monkeys and Lamers, along with several species of birds, died on Monday, the primarily primate sanctuary after rolling blackouts caused the power to fail. Volunteer Allison Rolen saw social media post asking for help got the formal drive and headed over there, and they put us to work. And we showed up and talk to the executive director to his, unfortunately holding a an animal that had already passed away from the freezing temperatures. Roland help to feed the animals while staffers worked to relocate other animals to the zoo and volunteers homes. I'm Jerry Clayton in San Antonio. Power outages in Texas or down to less than 200,000 and analysis by NPR shows many Native American tribes are getting people vaccinated at faster rates than the general population of the US When it comes to covert 19. Here's NPR's Kirk Siegler. Tribes got really good at testing during the pandemic, And so they've been able to convert some of that infrastructure in tow mass vaccination clinics now no well, tribes have the option to go through their state or the Indian health service to get the vaccine. Our analysis showed that those that went with EI hs and the book did are doing pretty good. This is NPR news. This is W on my C in New York at 6 32. Good morning. I'm David. First. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has called off the drastic service concert had threatened to implement over the next two years. That's thanks to $8 billion it received from Congress in December. Andrew Alberts is chair of the New York City Transit Riders Council and an empty a board member. He says this is good news for the city. When you have bad service, people leave the system. And then you say we don't have enough money because we don't have enough writers. So you make even further cuts. The agency still faces a deficit of another $8 billion through 2024. But Senator Chuck Schumer says he expects to deliver at least three quarters of that amount in another aid package in the near future. Five vaccine hubs in New York City will be moved once middle schools reopen next week, but Sydney Pereira of Gothamist reports, City officials don't yet know where Decides that will be moved are at the Bronx is Walton High School and Adlai Stevenson High School, Marta Value and Widely Secondary School in Manhattan and George Westinghouse High School in downtown Brooklyn. City. Officials are still finalizing the plans but can't say when the replacement sites will open. People with appointments at the shuttered hubs will be re booked at the new locations. But an upper West Sider said he was frustrated the city had notified him about the change given middle schools are due to return to in person class on February. 25th Mayor Bill de Blasio said Wednesday that an adequate supply would alleviate wrinkles in the vaccine campaign. Mix of snow and freezing rain today with a high near 35 degrees. This is W NYC Support for NPR comes from W. N. Y.

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