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Talk six fifty. AST Rancho Cordova Sacramento. NBC News Radio. I'm Brian peers. President Trump says his former attorney and fixer Michael Cohen is weak and not very smart. Trump said that yesterday after Cohen entered into a new plea deal with federal prosecutors in the Russian investigation, the US, Canada and Mexico are scheduled to sign a new trade agreement today the leaders of each country artists signed the new United States Mexico Canada agreement at the g twenty summit in Argentina. There are placement for NAFTA. The North American Free trade agreement still needs to be ratified by lawmakers and all three countries and pressure from congress is convincing the veterans affairs department to pay student veterans all the benefits there do under the forever. GI Bill yesterday's change. Of course came a day after VA officials told congressional staffers, they would not retroactively pay. That's who's checks were less than they were owed because of problems with the department's computer system, Brian peers NBC News Radio. The chair of the California Democratic party has resigned. Eric balchunas stepped down from his leadership position after multiple sexual misconduct allegations governor elect Gavin Newsom is reported to have pressed Bob to resign. The fifty nine year old former chair was the first openly gay leader of the California Democratic party. He said he's leaving his position in the best interest of the party for his own health issues for those who quote may have caused pain in Arkansas teenager with autism will be playing college basketball next season. NBC's Kevin tables reports eighteen year old Kaitlyn Bennett had to overcome a lot of obstacles before he could achieve success on the court. The towering six foot ten star didn't even walk until he was four for speak until seven I used to not like people at all. Like, I like being around surrounding myself people Al he just signed a national letter of intent to suit up for Kent state when he enrolls at the Ohio school next fall, the senior from Little Rock says he's always trying to figure out what he wants to do. Do better in Southwest Airlines, the polish icing after an employee mocked a five year old girl's name at John Wayne airport in California, her mother, Tracy Bradford says the employees began laughing at her daughter's name, I'm city spelled A B C D And taking pictures of the boarding pass before they got on their flight from Santa Anna towpath, oh, Texas and the National Institute of health is seeking men and their female partners to test a new birth control gel..

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