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So if you have that deception now, here's another thing would irks me and I want to say, I want to see who's gonna be the first to do it. How many teams that work out of the shotgun Raiders included. You get to the you know the one yard line. Now the Raiders have much better since they got Jacob's since they have Alec Ingles from Wisconsin. Good blocking fullback. And since you have Booker as well. Find a booker So you have really good, But why can't we go back to the old days? I want to split backfield or an I formation. We're even a loaded backfield. So I have the quarterback under center with two guys split right now. Defense's would not know how to play that. So I watched Joshua Kelly for the Chargers against Buffalo this past week, and he took the ball about the one up and over the top. He made it in the end zone by three yards. What has happened to that when we were growing up, guys, you know, teams got to the one yard line. You don't even watch if it was the other team that was scoring against you, like, all right, I gotta go to bathroom. You knew they score. You can count it. Mercury Morris, Larry Zonca Jim kick on the same team same year. Just give it to one of them and do the rest. And what happened that was so significant. That year was the first time ever. The All three rushed over 1000 yards long. Well, that's correct, but What happen to Mercury Morris? Was he then? Got the ball again? One time. Lost two yards ended up with 999 yards. Wow, I don't remember that interesting. I just went to the bathroom like you. See, there you go. Yeah, Those are can kick out there. So I went back to 9 99. That will never happen. You're lucky to get two right? But see, here's the thing If you have that up and over unless the linebacker the safety times it perfectly The right hole everything and meets the guy in the air. You're not stopping that. So you tell me all these guys coach Carina? Hey, listen, if you're listening, I have much respect for Coach Group. GM Mac Love him the end of the day when I watch teams that work out of the shotgun And when they go under center. It's so predictable. Go back. Throw me some old school football toe. Where right now you don't have a defensive coordinator that would know how to stop a split backfield. How do you know who's good? When you have these two guys going and you give me two good backs? You give me a booker. Annie Jacobsen the back there, and you don't know who's getting it. Good luck, stopping it for a half yard or yard, but mostly his teams that work out a shotgun they get inside the three yard line. And half the times. They don't score touchdown. Why? Because they don't know how to take the ball from under center, and when they do, they're so predictable as far as handing it off, And then that's another thing is like, Oh, it's it's fourth in the yard. No, it's not because the guys lined up in shotgun. He's getting it three yards back. He's handing it to the guy. So it's fourth and four. When did By the time you give the guy the ball, just things that just don't make sense and that you would figure Should be worked on in practice. And the other thing I have is the pet peeve is the coffin corner punter. Where is this guy? How many times am I going to punt the ball into the end zone? Because our guy didn't know where it was, or we kicked it too far. So I'm netting 23 yards when I really wanted to, You know, net 35 yards 40 yards and keep it inside the 10 like that. So if I get a guy that's standing around in practice, doing virtually nothing outside of kicking the ball to himself half the times angling why can't you angle the ball out and not kick it out at the four yard line? Angle it you've got all freaking day toe where you learn Larkham, Ark. Royal or the old cold. Quit or Ray guys, you mentioned these guys. That would put it and it would go inside the 10 every time with no return. No, I'm going to kick it off. I'm gonna put it to court. Daryl Patterson. See how that Well, there he goes. Good God 109 yards. I mean, are you kidding me? Like what is wrong with these coaches that they don't understand Things like that are the difference between being a good team and a great team. Pastor Andy I just can't What? One of your earlier points to Grudin. I think that he does have that old school football in them. Yes, to the end degree, which I love, however. To expand upon that old school football idea, And I think that was a short this would amplify your point. If he could steal a couple of concepts from the Shanahan offense, where you're giving Derek Carr more play action to play off of If you use more motion, if you use more variety in the backfield with a pre snap sets, you would give car more opportunity for play action than he has now and that would diversify their offense in a very competent way. I agree. 100% you see Woods, you see Cooper Cup? You see these guys do it. You know for McVeigh and the Rams and the Packers, too. I mean, it's key. Here's the thing with the pack. Lazard was really starting to make strides, and then he got hurt. He got that abdominal injury. Now he's back and boy he took a shot the other day but got back up. But Lazard is I followed him in college that I would stay. I'll I love this kid, and he's got good size. And so you had with Adam's out and missing a few games and a few too many as far as he was concerned. Uh, according to his Twitter page, but Was. Devante is a game where he wants to play every game. He doesn't care. He him him and 80% is better than 90% of legal 100%. So he was like, I'm ready. I'm good. No, you're not. You're not playing tonight. Okay, Great. So he was not happy with that. But when you have that guy, you already know he demands double coverage. Whether it's a sterling Sharpe. You've had those guys yet. Antonio Freeman. You had Jordy Nelson. You've had Cobb. Driver When those guys were in their groove, the demand double coverage safeties. We're gonna have to cheat over its right and they had recently they had this Tyler Urban Gadget player. He's a guy that they focused on emotion. It took up Santa's a stake kid Yet it took Matt LaFleur a few games to realize that he could put anybody in motion, But they began to do that, and they rejuvenated their play action again. After a couple of games of Not so great play action. And then that's what I think the Raiders could doing to death just with drugs, but the gaggle or you could killers well and Hunter run from correct on the room. First got great speed. Robbery. She, uh, are you back on that little Rams bandwagon now, because the one thing I love about the Rams that if they make the postseason, they're dangerous. They're the team You don't want to play. That's exactly right. Because when you especially when you're a Tom Brady Tom Brady never wants to play the Rams. Why? Where's the pressure come from up the middle. What In Tom Brady not do get outside the tackle box and move our right. He wants to move up in the pocket to side the pocket that, but a guy like Donald makes life miserable. And then when you have that shutdown corner like you have with Ramsey, you're mean. Those are two of the best defensive players on one squad, so they're dangerous enough. To beat anybody. If they get a little bit from the run game to take a little pressure off Woods and cup you got a couple pretty good, tight ends there, too. And Higby is good. And then you got one hell of a punter and Hecker probably the best weapon as far as punting the ball in the NFL right now..

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