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From wip and Pierre Rex. It's out of the blocks one neighborhood. Everybody's story every everybody's story. My name is his coke or my English name. Is Kyle demento world my name cy young and I live in the flats in Juneau Alaska. I'm crude Iverson. I live here in Juneau. My name is George Kuchar. Names Adam. Dinner I'm Janice Shoe felt his Lionel. Barber Weeden DIPA. So my name is Chevron Kalsa and my roller Derby name aim as Bam Bam might click it names are d'eclat up and Cahaney. I'm an eagle from the thunderbird clan and the house Lord from the Sun and and The other world the English world. I'm ready to roll. And I serve as president of Sealaska Heritage Institute from producers. Aaron Hankun and Wendell Patrick Trick with fueled producer. Mk mcnaughton out of the blocks. Juneau Alaska right after this. So out of the blocks is made possible by Catholic charities with a message about hope hope is what keeps us going. You see people struggling in the community unity and you hope things get better for them but hope is just the start would if they were someone you loved. You'd support them find them. Resources gain their trust standby their side as they make strides toward a better life. That is why Catholic charities exists communities get stronger one life at a time this holiday season turn compassion into action and join the movement to improve. Lives donate today at. CC DASH MD DOT org slash. Stand with us. How do I think about? How.

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