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Beginning into the insurance offering business yes what school is the way we can do. It is by just using the data that that we're collecting and helping inform how we're working with the carriers so for example we could. Maybe maybe there's an opportunity to go to travelers and say hey travelers. There's we're seeing this other carrier. That is coming in way way less expensive for the same kind of coverage. Why didn't you bid across this whole portfolio where we thank you can outperform so you can essentially use this data to bring some transparency to a market. That's totally opaque and start driving efficiency for your clients right now so i'm not sure i understood that example. Are you actually underwriting the insurance. In in that example are or are you finding a market need in in finding a carrier that can satisfy that need understand sure so in that example rather than us doing the actual underwriting we can just work with the existing carriers and start playing them off against each other so going to the ones that we know are more expensive where they should be able to provide better pricing and show them the data about why they should be offering something better to a certain set of client. Oh i see i see so it's not necessarily about like like creating a new kind of insurance. You're saying there's opportunities in basically saying hey we're seeing you know enough data in soybean insurance you you should lower your rates. If you wanna be competitive with insurance underwriter a exactly that's the thing that we're doing today and that sort of the first step and then.

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