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And he's like, no, I really. I just don't. She's private and I don't feel okay. That's fine. And I just avoid asking those questions because that's what a friend does. So I think it says a lot about me because a lot of people are like, you know, my friends will preference things by saying, this isn't for juicy scoop. Don't share this with juicy scoop and then other times they'll be like, can I share the Sunday? She skipped and they say, yeah, I don't ever want to my friends ever to be mad at me that I revealed something. So I kept a secret. Yeah. Well. And he, it's like, I think somebody posted kept to ask him. He kept lake messaging me on on Instagram, and they were like, I don't see like photos of her like, I don't understand, like I'm on his Instagram page. She just doesn't. It's not like she's, she's really, really sweet girl like she just is one of those people who's like not really into having like people that she doesn't know like follow her and you know what I mean. So she doesn't. And I think of course, anytime you're with a comedian, you're like waiting for someone to say something like they think they're being funny and they say something totally offensive to you, you know? So. So I think that she's just like, it's just not her thing, but then that night. But Friday night, I could. Part of juicy, scoop obsessed race, if yeah, yeah, so, but you were to say, you asked him what we'll Friday night. I was like at the dinner because he had a little dinner and that's where we were Friday night on. I said, oh, I'm should. I post this, whatever. And he like he turned from not wanting to posted to being like, did you post it yet? Tag Megyn posted, edgy like, okay, now he's because Because I I would. would exciting. I'd asked him to, I'm like, okay, listen, this is my plan. Like, I'm gonna just, you know, I, I will hold to post, but I go. But I know Seren, Jen and all these other people are going to post and follow. You're not allowed to have the exclusive unless you paid him. Yes. So then I go, so and then I go, my plan is totally have Sarah on if she's available. And then we talk about the wedding, the following Tuesday's just know it's going to be out in that sense. And he was like, that's fine. Yeah. And so, but it was it was kind of fun like to see the controversy because someone's like, no, she's officiating it, but it's not Chris's, not the groom. And then I did one photo before with just fortunately go with fortune and the bride like I don't tag her because she doesn't want people to follow her that aren't her friends. And I think they're like fortunes Mary. That's fortunate got married. So it was like really kind of, and I didn't mean to tease anybody, but I have to say the aftermath of reading the juicy scoop obsessed. I have to go on the page today. I haven't lake. I've been on all weekend, so I have to go on fighting with each other like he deserves to have a private life. And then they're like, this was a beautiful girl that I saw him at the pool with an Atlanta high new..

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