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Basically. Produce a document of of. Life on earth than he had to do it in the space limitations of a record, which which at the time about two hours of content, which of everybody's phone in here right now. Has Thousands of time of more power than. Than Him and his team had to work with. So it was just incredible incredible problem of to tell the complexity of the planet. Through sound an image of in the space limitations of two hours and on a medium that we ourselves have already long ago got got rid of. But in September of just last year voyager. Crossed a milestone thirty, eight years later, Cross what scientists call the the solar bubble. It essentially entered interstellar space and attached to the site of the probe which had this whole other mission, of planetary, exploration. But attached to it is the symbol. Record long playing record with our story on it. And what what's on it is much longer story and beautiful one. But And you've called. Carl Sagan the ultimate. Dj and that the Golden Record is the greatest mix tape of humankind piled. Well, it really is and. I mean because of my point earlier about what's at stake with your musical selections like this forever is at stake with that record and they really gave it huge seriousness right? I was reading because I knew it was gonNA talk to you. The process was painstaking and very complex and dramatic part of my goals and artist as with most topics is what can the artists bring to the conversation that other fields haven't already done like because when you talk about the Voyager Golden Record. Pretty much the people who care about it know everything about it. There's not really anything new to say about it. But you bring an artist end and I filled they look at it differently and I was determined determined to find something. That had been overlooked and I feel confident. I did. Can you tell us what? Well it's a longer. But. But can you put it in one of those poetics low sentences? Love survives the death of cells. The death of cells. And Andrian who Was who fell in love with Carl during the making of that record, she's a creative director of the Golden Record. when people ask me, who's WHO's my favorite artists I- without hesitation say Andrea and I really mean it and part of my goal with discussing the Golden Record. Today is for artist to reframe it in an art discussion because of its just brimming with creativity that is lost in just strictly assigns discussion. But the thing decisions they had to make make. An why they made them are. There arts absolutely art it was are those driving it and and did some things on on that record that I feel. That golden records is the greatest artwork work that art history is never really accounted for because it hasn't had. been framed that way. and has been framed as this great artist in the way that I think she should be and and it's kind of on a mission to to reframe the discussion around that. I think it's fascinating that you. That love is. Is that thing you Ho honed Dan on and There's this you know that the philosopher new also talks about love a lot in a very philosophical poetic way. There's a sentence that you repeat. And you actually use this in the context of the golden record with nothing to risk love can't exist. Tell us what that sentence means to you. And how to rose and you? continues. To. Arise. Well I can very specifically also honky-tonk memory. One of those. During those years I remember just being floored when I read. In Ripley's believe it or not somewhere I don I don't quite remember what it was. That's incredible TV show maybe but every and it's become this urban myth of. The mother who lifts a car off their child who's been injured. And I remember reading died and just being. I was shocked I couldn't believe that a mother could do this. Could be that strong? In a moment. Of terror like that for their child and that. You know in my young mind. Sitting a Honky Tonk. vm mixing with all the other songs on that Jukebox. Turned and started. I see. Now started started to turn into a philosophy which I feel like I'm more fully exploring today. And it's it's pretty simple thing to say it's an I even mentioned that it's painfully obvious in age but. God was mysterious in youth when when you first realized that. Loving something can actually physically change your body and that that connection the my science mine again comes in as far as. That something abstract had real world consequence. So I love my child and then I turned into the incredible hulk and. To lift the car off them. and. Yeah I. Think I mean it's so simple but. It's an important thing that something has to be at risk. Something's got to be on the line. To. Reveal these I think the much more strange complicated parts of love. That I'm I'm more interested in. Because he say love and it's Our minds go to cliche often but no, it's really weird and strange if you know where to look and it's on these weird edges of. Of Love when it's at risk and the things people will do in that moment that I find this beautiful alternate history of. Aesthetics. Like, I like to say that if you could put on the table everything, anyone's ever made in a moment of loss. That would tell US beautiful a history of aesthetics. And creativity as the proper art history that we all know. But that discussion doesn't happen art history because. The people making at our artists or it's just it's all of us. When push comes to shove what would you do? What could you make? What are you capable of and Something has to be risks I'm interested in the creative response that comes. In often, it's some form of love that we didn't see coming until I happened. There was a project you did Called lunch for love as if it were air. I think also had that story. And it's Yes. I like. My titles that I wrote, it was actually a song title in my song title this so That these titles have become, they find their form finally objects even though I thought they'd be for a band. So in a a way. I still release them in a way. Yeah..

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