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Heavier Solomon Pond Road before 95 84 both ways heavy and slow between Sturbridge right down the Hartford, Connecticut. David said Ronnie WBC's traffic on the threes and now the four day WBZ AC you weather forecast with Daniel Nettle. Well, we are starting to see some more snow now beginning to mix in with that rain here in and around the city, and we're going to see that mixture change over to all snow here early on this evening, and then the snow continues and tapers off. Looks like between about 2 to 4 A.m. tomorrow warning, But we're going to hold on to the winds throughout the night snow accumulation wise, looking still in about 3 to 6 inches of Web snow in the city and along the coast. 6 to 12 inches north and west of 1, 28 and 12 to as much as 18 inches north and west of 4, 95, and with that heavy, wet snow that could bring down some trees and also some power lines as the night goes on, going down to 31 Tonight, tomorrow we do see the return to some sunshine. It's a windy day high 39 feeling like the teens and twenties with the wind. The wind eases up some tomorrow night, then for Monday and Tuesday, we have some sunshine and Staying on the chilly side as well. 36 degrees each afternoon, Um AccuWeather meteorologist Danielle Middle WBZ, Boston's news radio. Right now it's 34 degrees in and over 36. Even we have snow wind and 35 degrees in Boston. Let your love give back during the Subaru of New England share the love event. Considering circumstances you choose surrounding your own death is the topic. Many avoid now. A new book called Preparing For Better End May help Written by Dan More Heym and Emergency medicine physician and former professor in the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School.

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