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Or not. So we realized you know what you know, guys. I was thinking like we had won the golden ticket that this is like the Willy Wonka. You know, Episode where we wanted to go, and we never had it in the first place. All of a sudden, we're jumping up and down like we had, like we had just found the 1943 Ask double die, You know, And they realized, you know coins when their flood sometimes they're very valuable, You know, But when we're flawed as people we really learned some valuable lessons. Thank you. Adam Bodnar lives in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, and is a director of legal solutions for a technology company. While his favorite pastime these days is telling stories, he has also written several screenplays. The most recent being searching for Frenchy Fuqua. Adams says that he and Sam continued to look for valuable coins to add to Sam's collection. They'd make weekly trips to the bank by 10 or $20 worth of pennies or dimes and return home to come through them looking for another potential winner. They never did find one, but the time spent together brought them closer, and Adam says that was reward enough. After the break, A journalist puts herself on the line to go undercover in North Korea. That's when the moth radio hour continues..

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