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Other side is doing is wrong but eric's right if we if we do that if the democrats take the high road you know the republicans are are laughing all the way to the rotas lead leading to victory we also have opposable thumbs which i just want to point out that that is part of what makes them now going to read this if i understand it correctly and watch me now here's how street gets named in chicago or a streets name gets changed in chicago and i may be wrong about this but throughout the south symbols of the confederacy have been coming down the flag statues the generals whatnot that spread to other cities across the country symbols of racism or being raced people who wanted some of those symbols to remains will what about guys like jefferson in washington day on slave so who gets to save who doesn't and they said are we going to erase all those street names and in chicago in fact we have a street named after eat alot balbo he flew from brandi chicago nineteen thirty three in honor of our century of progress expo but he was also a big player in fascist mussolini's air force so now there's movement to change the name of that street bow bow to either be wells the black activist journalist but the italians don't wanna lose the name of that street so the compromise will be to keep valvo balbo and then renamed the only other street name less popular than a racist or fascist that would be part of congress so congress will now be wells but the problem with that is we already have a wells in chicago so we'll have an item be wells and that's how part of congress gets changed and there will be an intersection of wells wells well what's the matter with all of better well i'm my idea was to rename well street which is named for william wells who was in the battle of fort dearborn who already has a county named after him in indiana name that street for either be wells so that you could gradually change this was never about wells it was always about balbo muscle balbo gets too stable and now part of congress well i think that balbo should be changed to some other prominent italian american enrico fermi or cardinal burning one of those people like that would be swell not but you know what this managed to do the solution they came up with this week and city council was to sort of split the difference and separate these issues void the issue the italian americans make make make two points one which i don't agree with which is the balbo should be celebrated for his new just overlook his little role misleading and talk about all this wonderful achievements as an aviator i disagree with that but but they also make the point that there are a lot of streets numbered streets sheets that have are like state street pouring since that just don't really need the name for anyone that could be open to be renamed you wouldn't have to with that i don't know how we make this transition from talking about the supreme court i mean i'm still kind of sick over that and what's happening so how about merrick garland can we name a street after mirror carlin still shelby any always will be we all should be extra can be the biden rule can you never existed okay standby sorry two weeks ago scott wasn't able to join us but it was the same week that a columnist a cartoonist a colleague and friend of yours at the pittsburgh post gazette lost his job no quit his job right sky he was fired he was fired he kept drying artika cartoons that were critical of president trump the newspaper has the new editor who is more in favor of the president they finally fired him for for instance on memorial day weeping over the state of the country and things like that what do you make of all of that oh it's repulsive the block family has owned blade newspapers which is all of two newspapers to the toledo blade and the pittsburgh post gazette decided that he loved donald trump has picture taken with them and so rob who has.

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